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Have you ever found that some peels are too harsh, while the more gentle ones aren’t very effective? That’s often been the case with me.

I used to be able to subject my oily skin to all manner of torture, including chemical treatments with acids, and manual horrors with grains, brushes, heck, even sandpaper. But, when I started using tretinoin, my skin became hypersensitive. Even so, I would get the Retin-A “flakies” in the beginning, and still had a need to exfoliate. Bummer!

The problem was that the more gentle exfoliants didn’t do anything for my skin. After trying several items from Omorovicza, I knew they were very gentle, yet extremely effective. So, I decided to look up reviews on the copper peel. When Sephora had a trial size available with one tube of each step (it’s a two-step peel), I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did!

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The peel consists of two steps- a bluish-green copper paste, and a clear lactic acid activator. The formulas come in little tubes, with two to three uses per tube (I sometimes three or four if I don’t do my neck), and you just flip the cap over and re-insert it into the tube to save for the next use.

I’ve reordered this a couple times because no matter how fussy my skin is acting at any given time, I’ve never had any negative experiences. First, cleanse your skin as usual, and pat dry. Apply the copper paste to your face, avoiding contact with the eye area. Next, apply the activator, and massage into the blue paste, creating a white lather. Do this for about two minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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After massaging in the second step, I sometimes leave it on for a few minutes. But, make sure you test it out prior to doing this in case your skin is sensitive. Most of the time, though, I rinse it off after massaging for the recommended two minutes, and my results are absolutely phenomenal!

Just FYI, we had been considering doing a video with this peel because it’s truly unique, it’s like a science experiment on your face! So, I was super excited when Omorovicza sent me a box of goodies, including the Copper Peel! So… keep checking back because we’ll be uploading a video where I demonstrate the awesomeness of this product!

I definitely recommend purchasing directly from Omorovicza because their rewards program is a lot more generous than anywhere else. They have a program where you earn Pengo cash for each purchase, and you can apply your Pengo toward getting free products. They often have promotions where you get double Pengo, too. Plus, it’s free to join!

The Omorovicza Copper Peel retails for $85.00 for 8 tubes, or $160.00 for 16 tubes. So, with the number of uses you get out of each one, it’s really a great deal. Just click here or on one of the banners to check it out!

Omorovicza Gold Collection
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