OMG! 40 SHADES!!! New CoverGirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation

CoverGirl Matte Made 1


Okay, so, how are you all doing today?  We had a VERY busy week last week and the week before, thankfully we made it, though.  Hope you’re all ready for June, and for summer!

So, my first experience with CoverGirl was as a young girl, playing in my mom’s makeup.  She always had one of those glass bottles of CoverGirl foundation in her cabinet.  I remember it had a distinct scent, it was a medicinal, but comforting, smell that I’ll never forget.  Just thinking back to it evokes such happy and exciting memories of the magic of playing “dress-up” and putting on makeup!

CoverGirl Matte Made 2


Anyway, as I mentioned, CoverGirl has created a new TruBlend Matte Made foundation, to be in stores in June, and it indeed will come in FORTY SHADES.  Repeat after me- FORTY SHADES.  I cheered when Fenty did this, so it’s REALLY nice to see a drugstore brand releasing such a large range, too.

I love when a brand actually listens to consumers, and that’s exactly what CoverGirl did.  They created TruBlend Matte Made to work for all skin types and needs.  The oil-free, transfer-resistant formula is purported to control shine, minimize pores, and feel comfortable, lasting up to twelve hours.

CoverGirl Matte Made 5

The shade selection is easy to navigate, being numbered from light to deep, with four shade ranges: Light (L), Medium (M), Tan (T), and Deep (D).  There are also call-outs in the names of the shades to denote whether the shade is warm, cool, or neutral.

CoverGirl Color Neutralizing Primer 1

They also made four new TruBlend Base Business primers: Pore Minimizing, Color Neutralizing, Smoothing, and Illuminating.  I’m SO excited about the release of these products because they’ve done such a great job of being inclusive all of our needs.   Obviously, I couldn’t wait to try these out!

CoverGirl Pore Minimizing and Illuminating Primer

Since they sent all FORTY shades, I decided this would come in super handy to get a natural contoured look.  They’ll retail for around $10, so I like that it will actually be more affordable to buy several shades to take us through the different seasons, as well as for contouring and highlighting purposes.

CoverGirl Matte Made 4

The TruBlend Matte Made foundation, housed in a sleek glass pump bottle, went on easily, didn’t oxidize, and didn’t look cakey.  It was quite buildable, so I was able to use less in some areas, and more in places of concern.  When I wore this without a primer, it did start to fade at about the 9th hour, but I’m outside a lot in the hot Louisiana humidity.  When I wore the foundation with the primer, it lasted the full 12 hours, probably would have lasted longer if I hadn’t washed my face.

CoverGirl Matte Made 9

Speaking of primers… I was equally impressed with them, as they all performed very well.  My favorite for daytime wear is the pore minimizing, as I’m pretty oily, and this really helps conceal my pores.  I also like to add a bit of the color correcting in areas of redness around my nose and eyes from all the dreadful pollen!  For evening looks, I really like the skin smoothing, with a bit of illuminating on my cheekbones, and mixed with the foundation in that area.

CoverGirl Matte Made 8

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the effort and thought CoverGirl put into this release.  As an Eskimo, I really appreciate that they’ve been so inclusive of all skin colors and types- and did such a stellar job with the formulations.  Keep an eye out, as CoverGirl TrueBlend Matte Made foundation and Base Business primers will be available in stores in June!