Obsessed with Brown Lipsticks Lately!

Bite Beauty Cognac Urban Decay 1993

Despite it being spring, with summer just around the corner, I’ve been obsessed with brown lipsticks lately!  I don’t know why, perhaps it reminds me of many years ago when I first started wearing makeup?

Anyway, when we were shopping at Sephora in Bossier City a couple weekends ago, I decided to look for the perfect shade of brown lipstick.  So, what’s the perfect shade of brown?  Well, it looks chocolate-y (who doesn’t love chocolate?), but doesn’t have such warm undertones that it makes my teeth look even more yellow than they are from red wine (did someone say “wine?”)

Well, Cassie was super awesome as always, and found me not one, but two fabulous shades of brown!  As soon as Jerry and I explained what I wanted, she went right to them, and she was dead on!

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The best thing about the Sephora stores in Shreveport-Bossier City is that they do a great job of remembering what their clients like and don’t like.  Even before we started this website, they were fantastic about this.   I swear, if I was still a retail manager, I would steal the employees.  They are stellar about adding on to sales, because they don’t seem to actually try to “sell” you on stuff- they add on stuff that fits the client.  It doesn’t do any good to add on something that doesn’t work, because it will just get returned.  In other words, you won’t get any buyers’ remorse here- they really are there to help you!

So, the first thing Cassie steered me to was the Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Cognac.  I get fed up with the dryness and peeling my lips go through due to all the matte lipsticks that are so huge right now.  Let me just say, Bite Beauty’s formulas are so friendly that they are actually edible.  Yes, dear beauty lovers, you could actually eat this lipstick if you really wanted to.  (Although, I don’t recommend it- after all, it’s not bacon…).

Bite Beauty Matte Cream Lipstick Cognac (1)

Wearing Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lipstick in Cognac

Bite Beauty Cognac is a perfect shade of deep, chocolate-y brown.  It’s dark, but not so dark that it looks black in some light.  It’s quite neutral, so it would work for almost all skin tones.  Plus, since it’s in crayon form, it’s great for your handbag because you don’t need a lip brush to get a perfect application.

Cassie was also a super awesome chica because she told us about the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks being on sale for half price.  $11 for Urban Decay full-sized lipstick…?  Whaaa…?!?!?!  She showed me a shade called 1993, that was also a neutral brown, just slightly lighter than the Bite Beauty Cognac.

Urban Decay Lipstick 1993

Wearing Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993

The Urban Decay matte lipsticks are another great formula- although they’re not super-matte, they aren’t as drying like super-matte lipsticks.  And, I graduated high school in 1993, so it was like an omen that I get this.  (Yes, I’m old…)  Another shade I have fallen in love with!  Jerry even suggested that I do an ombre lip with these two shades, so I’m definitely going to have to try that.

I’m super happy with my lipstick purchases- love them both.  Thank you, Cassie, you’re the bestest!!!