Not Your Father’s Root Beer FLOAT!!!

Not Your Fathers Root Beer Float 2

What do you get when you mix ice cream, alcohol, and root beer?  It’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float!

So, I’ve been eating REALLY clean lately.  Then, my nephew was telling me how he just LOVES root beer floats.  With my love for hard root beer, I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought of this before!  I guess it’s probably because I don’t really care about ice cream.  (I know, shocker, right…?!?!)

So, after a week of clean eating, I decided that if I added an extra half mile to my run, and went the whole day without simple carbs or added sugar, that I would reward myself with a hard root beer float.  However, just to maintain discipline, it would be in a smaller sized glass so as not to overdo it.

Not Your Fathers Root Beer Float 1

Well, it just so happened that the weather started getting dreary, with the wind picking up, just as I was starting my run.  I swear, yet again, Mother Nature was bipolar in that no matter what direction I was running in whenever I turned a corner, the wind direction changed.  So, it seemed that I was always running into the wind…uggghhh.  That was a tough run.

When it came time to do that extra half mile, I just imagined I was in a cartoon, with a root beer float dangling in front of me from some animated character’s fishing pole.  And I cranked up some 5FDP on my iPod.  I did it.  I did the extra half mile!

After icing my knees and showering, I savored my Not Your Father’s Root Beer float.  In a Spock glass, of course. 😉

Not Your Fathers Root Beer Float 3