New Year’s Eve Couch Potatoes!

So, are we the only New Year’s Eve couch potatoes?  Maybe it’s just our old age, but for the past few years, we just haven’t felt like getting out.  I don’t like large crowds, especially large, drunk crowds…lol.  Much more comfy to sit at home and watch Netflix and relax!

New Year’s Eve is also Jerry’s grandson’s birthday, and he turned two today.  We had been so busy that we hadn’t gotten to the store to get him a present (I know, I know, shame on us!).  Anywho, we were all supposed to go out to dinner tonight for the cute little booger’s birthday, so after putting on makeup, trying to find something to wear, and getting excited about my new boots from Jerry’s sister, I braved the New Year’s Eve crowd at our local Walmart.

Let me just tell you- that was pure Hell!  What should have taken about 20 minutes took about an hour-and-a-half.  The place was jampacked with people, and was utter chaos.  I couldn’t even move throughout the store for all the people milling about, just meandering, talking on their phones, blocking the aisles, etc.

Nothing was in the right place, so after hunting down several gift options, walking all over the store to get them price-checked, then calling Jerry, we finally decided on what to get our sweetie.  Then there was the matter of fighting the crowds to get wrapping paper, a card, etc.  Finally, I tried to pick the shortest line, which is always a crapshoot.  You think you found the shortest, the one with only six or seven people with full carts, and then someone inevitably has something that won’t scan.  After what seemed like days, I finally left Walmart, and managed to make it out of the parking lot unscathed.  Small victory!

I rushed home, hurried to wrap the present, and had all my stuff ready so when Jerry got home, we could leave.  Did I mention I was starving?  Since we were going to dinner very soon, though, I did not grab myself a snack.

Well, Jerry finally got home, and announced that dinner was OFF.  What…?!?!?!  I actually dressed nice, put up with the horror of Walmart, hurried to get a present and wrap it, sat there with my stuff ready to go, and stomach growling- all for… nothing…?!?!?!

Well, turns out that nobody was feeling very good, including the birthday boy.  So, the poor kid probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the festivities, anyway.  I was a bit irked, though, that Jerry never thought it might be a good idea to actually tell me the plans were called off before I went to so much trouble and got ready to go!

So, what’s a gal to do…???  Well, I sure as heck didn’t go to so much trouble for nothing!  We decided to go out to dinner anyway.  We narrowed it down to El Nopal, the only Mexican restaurant we like, or Hana, the only restaurant in town with a sushi bar.  Since Jerry just had nachos for lunch, we finally opted for sushi.


Jerry’s un-Japanese New Year’s Eve dinner

Jerry thoroughly enjoyed his Chicken Katsu, and I relished my Dynamite Roll and Rock-n-Roll, delicious!  And most importantly, I got to wear my new boots from Jerry’s sister.  The only thing that could have made it better is if our sweet birthday boy was feeling better and we all got to spend that time together.  But, hopefully he will be feeling better soon, so we can have a “do-over” and something to look forward to.


My Dynamite Roll and Rock-n-Roll. Oh yeah, and a glass of wine!

As for the rest of the evening?  It’s now 9:00pm, and we’re planted on the sofa, flip-flopping among various New Year’s Eve specials on TV.  We have plenty of wine and champagne, but I have yet to get back up off the sofa to go pour some…lol.  At midnight, I’ll be calling my nephew, Ty, in Iowa.  Every year, I have called him at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, and it’s something I always look forward to.  Soon, when his not-so-little younger brother is older, I’ll be calling him, too.  Nothing like starting the New Year off by visiting with a sweetie who holds a piece of my heart!


Exciting New Year’s Eve selfie…lol

Are you doing anything for New Year’s Eve?  Scroll down to comment below!