New! Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resuracing Micro Exfoliant 1

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I swear, I can’t get enough of Juice Beauty’s exfoliating products!   The brand has a knack for making natural, organic products that are actually powerful enough to live up to their claims, yet gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

With the drier winter weather, skin can become dull and lifeless. So, when I got a package from Juice Beauty, I did a happy dance when I saw what was inside! They sent a few new products, including an exfoliant and some luminizers (keep checking back for deets), and I couldn’t wait to try everything out!

The new Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant is an intensive spa-grade micro-dermabrasion treatment that helps resurface the skin. Fine lines are visibly reduced and skin tone becomes more even, revealing smoother, younger looking skin (Juice Beauty, n.d.).

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The formula is purported to reduce dead skin cells as well as resurface and refine with organic grapeseed micro-particles. A proprietary blend of fruit stem cells infused into an organic resveratrol-rich grapeseed base helps replenish, restore, and renew. Finally, Vitamin E softens and moisturizes, while chamomile and aloe vera help soothe (Juice Beauty, n.d.).

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant is housed in a convenient squeeze tube. The tube is not only super easy to use, but it’s very sanitary. No repeatedly dipping fingers into the product, or allowing the ingredients to get exposed to light or air. So, the product stays pristine and fresh. Plus, with a tube instead of a jar, I can keep this in the shower without worrying about it getting all watered down. (Yeah, I’m lazy, I exfoliate in the shower…lol!)

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro Exfoliant 2

Since this is an intensive treatment that actually delivers results, it’s pretty powerful. Therefore, Juice Beauty mentions that it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. Of course, this never stops me! I have hypersensitive skin from using tretinoin, so I usually test this type of product out on my hand, arm, etc. Even if I can’t use an exfoliant on my face, it may be perfect for knees, feet, and elbows, so a great product will NEVER go to waste at our house!

But, I found that if I mix it with a bit more grapeseed oil (see the photo below- sorry for the bad lighting, a light bulb blew shortly prior), that I could use it my face with no problems. As a result of tretinoin, my skin is not only sensitive, but sometimes it peels. I was able to massage the formula a bit more intensely in peeling areas, and very lightly in others. So, I can use this full-strength on my body, and diluted on my face. If you have sensitive skin and want to try it, make sure to do a test patch on an area other than your face, like I did. (If you can’t tolerate a micro-exfoliant, try the brand’s peel spray, my review can be found here.)

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro Exfoliant 3

The only negative I found is that at first it may seem a bit pricey at $55. But, the tube is large- you get 3 ounces of product, whereas similar products of comparable quality are 1-2 ounces (commonly 1.7), for the same price, or even higher. So, it’s actually a reasonable price considering how much you get. Furthermore, a little bit goes a LONG way, even when used at full strength. Mine will go even further since I add grapeseed oil, so I’m very pleased.

Overall, this is a superb and very versatile product. My skin is left super soft, and absolutely glowing! If you need a high-quality exfoliant made with organic ingredients, you should definitely give Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant a try. For a limited time, use code SpaLife at checkout and get a FREE In-Home Spa Kit with your Micro-Exfoliant (or any $55) purchase! Just click one of the links below, or on one of the banners to check out!
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Update:  Jadey from Juice Beauty reminded me that the Stem Cellular Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant includes clay.  I can’t believe I didn’t mention this and spend more time on it, I certainly noticed when I used it!  So, I went back and also used this as a detox mask after my 6 mile run.  Rather than mix in more grapeseed oil, I just smoothed it onto my face full-strength, and left it on for 15 minutes, then massaged lightly as I rinsed it off.  My skin was SO clean and smooth!  🙂
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