New Jeffree Star Holiday Swatches from Nick V. Hernandez!!

Woo hoo!!!!!  The new Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks limited edition holiday shades are arriving at their new homes and getting to know their proud new owners!!!!

Sadly, I have been too busy to order mine- I know, I know… I’m a total disgrace to the lipstick world right now.  In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as being too busy for great lipstick!  But, alas, the most fabulous Instagrammer EVER, came to the rescue!  Many, many, many thanks (to infinity and way beyond) to nick.v.hernandez who so generously allowed me to use his photos and swatches so you could all see them sooner rather than later!!!!!

As always, Jeffree Star makes everything glamorous, even the packaging, which is limited edition.  The caps and boxes are a sleek winter white instead of pink- perfect for the chillier weather. Maybe now I’m starting to get a teensy bit okay-er with the cold weather.  Well, not really, but great lipstick helps soften the blow…lol.

Nick Jeffree Lipsticks

Limited edition packaging, photo courtesy of Nick V. Hernandez

The colors are stunning- the new shades are Androgyny (I so want this!), Doll Parts, Drug Lord, Mistletoe, and Hoe Hoe Hoe, a glittery red.  Well, heck, I don’t just want Androgyny, I want them ALL.  Maybe the Frosty Fairy (is there a such thing…?) will bring them to me!

Nick Jeffree Swatches

Lady Parts, Drug Lord, Androgyny, Mistletoe, and Hoe Hoe Hoe, photo courtesy of Nick V. Hernandez

Make sure you follow Nick on Instagram @nick.v.hernandez, and Twitter @nickvhernandez. If you have any questions about the new Jeffree Star holiday shades, he is your go-to expert in all things Jeffree Star.  (P.S. He’s also got some great nail color swatches!)

Nick Jeffree Instagram

This post made possible by Nick V. Hernandez, who is superbly fabulous in every way!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks retail for $18.00 each and are available from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.