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Wow, this has been a harsh season!  I’m so ready for the cold to be OVER, but then that means allergy season is coming up.  Allergies mean baggy, puffy eyes.  Arrgghhh…

Thankfully, Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy from Colorescience exists!  Well, it will launch on February 1, but I was honored with the opportunity to go ahead and give it a try.  So, what is this stuff, you ask?

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Colorescience, founded by the scientists behind SkinMedica, created Total Eye to address several issues, hence the name.  The product was formulated to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, provide broad spectrum SPF 35 UV protection, and prime skin for eye makeup application.  It also has a neutral peach tone to immediately brighten and correct dark circles.

And, if you thought it couldn’t get it any better than that, Total Eye is housed in a convenient, sanitary tube with a cooling applicator that helps to reduce puffiness.  The applicator itself was the first thing I noticed- Juice Beauty’s STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatmenticon has a similar applicator, and I love it.

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Colorescience recommends using Total Eye twice a day, but you can reapply as needed.  You’re supposed to dispense half a pump, then dot around the eyes, smooth it around the area, then blend with your fingertip.  It can even be worn overnight.

Colorescience Total Eye 2

There is a little area behind the applicator tip that you press down on, and it dispenses the product.  The first time I used it, I pressed about four times, and the product easily came out.  Indeed, it was a pleasant, neutral peachy color.  At first, I was worried it may be too light for my medium-toned skin, but it wasn’t.  It had just enough pigment to neutralize dark circles, without being like a foundation or concealer.

Colorescience Total Eye 4

I didn’t notice any discernible scent, so if your eyes are sensitive, no worries.  It also didn’t feel greasy or heavy, it was very light, and blended easily.  It wore well both alone and with other skincare products and makeup, with no pilling or balling up.  I noticed my makeup didn’t settle into my fine lines, so it worked quite well as a primer.

Colorescience Total Eye 5

I also found that it worked even better with baggy eyes if I stash the tube in the fridge.  Not only does the formula itself get cooler, but the applicator tip is chilled, and makes for a very soothing experience- perfect for allergy eyes!

Colorescience Mascara 1

Colorescience was also kind enough to send me their mascara to try out, and I was pretty impressed.  First off, keep in mind, this isn’t a dramatic mascara- so if you’re looking for bombshell volume and length, like for a night out, this isn’t it.  What this does do, though… it gives really black lashes that look natural, yet classy and fabulous.  And it lasted all day, without flaking, without clumping, and it wasn’t hard to remove.   The mascara gives a great “finished” look that will make you look put-together and well-groomed all day long.  It may very well be my fave new daytime mascara!

Colorescience Mascara 2

Colorescience Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy is available for pre-order at $69, which is a good deal since such a tiny amount goes a long way.  Colorescience Mascara is available now for just $24.  Ready to look like you’ve gotten a full-night’s sleep?  Head over to now!

Colorescience Total Eye and Mascara

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