My Own Personal Chef


We used to eat out all the time.  I’m talking EVERY.  SINGLE.  NIGHT.  It’s not that we don’t know how to cook, or don’t want to- we both LOVE to cook.  With my work schedule, I got home late almost every night, and we just didn’t have a lot of time.

Well, when we decided to get healthy, it was too difficult when eating out.  You never know what’s going into your food unless you prepare it yourself, or at least oversee the preparation.  Sure, you can ask for nutrition information, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to fit in with what your dietary requirements are.  So, no more job with late nights, and no more crappy eating!

Now that I’m back to a healthy lifestyle after two surgeries, I’m super glad I have my own personal chef!  I swear, my chef, a.k.a. Jerry, my other half, makes the BEST steaks I have ever had.  Whether it’s on the grill or seared on the stove, then put into the oven, it’s like a party in my mouth!

Steak 2

He just made the most delectable filets- the best I’ve had since Doucet’s Cajun Meat Company was located here in town.  (Please come back and re-open!)  I usually get a sweet potato to have with mine, but the store was out, so I had to get a small regular potato.  I was so disappointed.  Not…lol…

Steak 1

The best part about the filet he made?  I ate it while in my pajamas and watching sci-fi shows.  Be jealous.  Be very, very jealous…

What’s your favorite meal at home?  Scroll down to comment below!

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