Miskos 35OS Warm Shimmer Palette

Miskos 35OS Palette 1


Happy Sunday, everyone!  I’m SO tired of the cold- thankfully I’m back in Louisiana where it’s not nearly as cold as it is back home in Iowa…lol!

Have you ever run into a product that really surprised you?  Like, something that you thought was going to be decent, but then it just blew you away and surpassed all of your expectations and was way more than just decent?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to me with this Miskos 35OS Warm Shimmer eyeshadow palette!

The palette is currently available on Amazon Prime for just $15.99, and the description doesn’t really translate well into American English, so I didn’t expect a whole lot in regards to quality.  But the colors looked great, and although there are no mattes, they all looked very usable.  (They do have an all matte palette with these warmer shades, though!)

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Miskos was kind enough to send me this so I could check it out, and wow.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good these shadows really are.   I don’t do many blog posts on lower-priced products, since I get more questions on higher-end- I’m guessing because people are more likely to research reviews on the higher-priced products prior to spending their hard-earned money.

Swatches in direct light

Swatches in direct light, I couldn’t fit all 35 shades on my arm…lol

There are some fantastic lower-priced products, though, so I often use them for social media posts because they can be a lot of fun.  But, even if I’m less likely to get blog “hits” in search, if a product really blows me away, I want to tell you guys about it so you don’t miss out on something amazing!  (There are NO affiliate links in this post.)

Swatches in indirect light

Swatches in indirect light

Now, these are not as pigmented as many of the high end shadows I have, but for the price, they beat most others.  In addition to decent pigmentation, they’re true-to-color, and very silky.  So silky that the colors blend seamlessly- it was difficult to get a photo that showed that I actually used five different shades- and they’re all blended, not mixed on top of each other.

Miskos 35OS Palette 6

Here’s the other thing I noticed- with the low price point, I expected quite a bit of fallout, especially since these are shimmers.  But nope, no fallout.  I didn’t have to brush anything away.  Granted, I haven’t tried all 35 shades, yet, but of the shades I swatched, and the shades I used, I’ve had zero issues.

Miskos 35OS Palette 4

I’ll probably be using this warm palette quite a bit, especially so I can have a bit more fun in this ridiculous cold weather…lol!  If you’re looking for a warm shimmer palette with the trendy “it” colors of the moment, and you don’t want to spend a lot of dough, check out the Miskos 35OS Shimmer Palette at Amazon!

Miskos 35OS Palette 5