Miracos Makeup Limited Edition Stilettos Luxury Brushes

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great week!  I’ve talked about my first experiences with makeup brushes before, and it didn’t go so well.  I never really liked brush sets, and preferred to use the little sponge applicators and tiny brushes that were included with products.  This irritated Jerry, and he said maybe I just wasn’t using the right brushes.  Hmmm…

I started college as an art major, and quality brushes definitely made a difference when painting.  So, Jerry had a point- it only made sense that high quality brushes would work better with makeup, right?  The problem is finding brushes that perform well without having to spend a fortune.  Luckily, Miracos Makeup has some quality brushes that work great, and are very affordable.

The brand sent me their limited edition Stilettos Essential Luxury Brush Kit to try out, and let me just say, these brushes look so sleek!  The brush handles mimic the design of a classy rose-gold toned stiletto high heel… they’re so pretty, I didn’t want to stop staring at them…lol!

The set includes an oval powder brush, blush brush, flat concealer brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush, and a dual-ended eyeliner and brow brush with a spoolie.  The synthetic fibers are not only soft, and make application and blending a breeze, but they’re cruelty-free!

New brushes should always be washed prior to first using, to remove anything left from the manufacturing process.  A good quality brush will shed a lot less than a poor quality brush- and the Miracos brushes passed the test- very, very little shedding.  I also washed them after using to find out how easy or difficult they were to clean, and had no issues.  Again, very little shedding, and since they’re synthetic, they were easy to get super clean.  I left them to dry, and they were back to their original fluffiness in no time.

The brushes are dense enough to pick up product, but soft enough that it’s easy to deposit product and blend, without actually wiping it off.  Unlike those synthetic brush sets I used to use many years ago, these brush fibers are actually soft and luxurious, not scratchy and itchy.   Another neat little fact- I got some of the larger brushes to stand up on my counter… pretty nifty!

The only negative with these brushes is that, as with anything shiny, they will show fingerprints…lol.  Not a big deal unless you have OCD tendencies like me, but that’s just how shiny things are, and you can easily wipe the fingerprints off.  Definitely not a deal breaker, especially because they look so darn sleek and pretty!  Best part?  The price! The kit is on sale right now for just $20.00, so head over to MiracosMakeup.com now!

*Sponsored review.