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Hey you guys, it’s officially Monday now, booooooooo…!  The good news is, I have a new sonic skincare device to share with you- the Michael Todd Soniclear Petite.  Ever since I started using sonic devices to cleanse, I refuse to ever go back, my skin loving the results.  If you saw our post about the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite (read it here), then you already know how much I love this brand.

The Soniclear Petite comes with the antimicrobial face brush, USB charger, and drying cradle.  The device has three speeds for the perfect cleanse, tailored to your own skin, and it has an automatic timer that beeps when it’s time to move to a different area.  The only negative is that it only comes with the USB charger, no wall adapter-  so, you have to plug it into your computer.  This is perfectly fine, though, because I’m sure this is one of the reasons the price is so reasonable!  Plus, you can always use the adapter from a phone charger, which is what I did.  They also sell the wall adapter separately, so no worries about charging your device.

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I say “device” instead of “brush” because they do so much more than just clean.  The Michael Todd Soniclear devices have several different attachments available, including the Sonic Infuser Head, Lush Cashmere Brush Head, and Delicate Sensitive Brush Head.  The sonic infuser is perfect for sonically infusing your serums and other skincare products.  The lush cashmere and delicate sensitive brushes are fab for more sensitive or irritated skin types.  You can visit their site and get any of the additional attachments you desire.

I absolutely love my Soniclear Elite, so I’d really been looking forward to trying the Soniclear Petite so I could compare the two.  Guess what?  The Soniclear Petite is every bit as high quality as the Soniclear Elite.  The only notable difference are that it has a slightly smaller handle, and it’s got three settings instead of six, and no C-Boost.  But, if you don’t need these extra features, then the Soniclear may be just what you need, and it comes at a lower price tag of just $89.  Yep, just $89 for a super high-quality sonic cleansing device!

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I found that with the three settings, my face gets just as clean as it does with the Elite version, which is cleaner than I get with any other device in such a short period of time.  If my skin is a bit more sensitive from doing a peel, microderm, or dermaplaning, I use the lowest setting.  If I’ve had on a ton of makeup, or I’m really dirty from working out, I use either the medium or highest setting.  I don’t always use the C-Boost function on my Soniclear Elite, so it’s not a necessity to get clean.  (I just really like it for the massaging action, especially when I’m infusing serum!)

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The really cool thing is that I took the brush head off my Soniclear Elite, just to test out compatibility, and sure enough, it fit perfectly!  Now that I’ve tried the Soniclear Petite, I can’t do without either one of my Michael Todd devices…lol!  I’m now using the Petite for my nightly cleansing and for travel, and I have the Sonic Infuser Head on my Elite so I can infuse my skincare products after cleansing.  I feel truly spoiled.  So, for two reasonably priced devices, you can have a spa night every night! (Or both day and night…lol!)

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