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It’s Friday! Happy dance for those of you who get weekends off!

I’ve been testing out a new (to me) mask- the Pearl and Silk Mask, and let me just say, I really like it!

This luxurious facial mask is extra gentle, and enhances the complexion with the power of herbal pearl and amino acids to help gently exfoliate, hydrate, and firm the skin’s appearance. The end result is smoother looking, velvety-feeling skin (Michael Todd, 2017).

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The formula contains pearl and silk amino acids that help remove impurities that can clog up the pores, while antioxidants help protect the skin’s youthfulness. The mask is formulated with hydrolyzed silk for a luxurious luster; pearl powder, rich in essential amino acids, calcium, and proteins, helps soothe while enhancing radiance; acai fruit pulp powder helps protect with antioxidants; and finally, a base of organic aloe vera leaf juice helps soothe and moisturize (Michael Todd, 2017).

Michael Todd Pearl and Silk Mask 2

The Michael Todd Pearl and Silk Mask is housed in a pump bottle, that’s super easy to use. Just press down on the pump to dispense the desired amount of product, and smooth it onto your skin. It’s kind of a thick liquid, and has a gorgeous pearlescent color, but appears clear on the skin. It has a nice, light scent, but odd vinegary undertones due to the acids. Not unpleasant, just odd, like other products with similar ingredients, but it dissipates fast.

Michael Todd Pearl and Silk Mask 3

When I first applied this, I was afraid it may burn due to the fruit acids, but it really didn’t, it was quite soothing, actually. It started to get “shiny’ and pull slightly as it dried, but not overly so- it wasn’t uncomfortable like thicker masks that that pull.

Michael Todd Pearl and Silk Mask 4

The first time I tried the Pearl and Silk Mask, I left it on for about ten minutes as directed, but I’ve since left it on all the way up to thirty with no problems. When I go to rinse it off, it almost feels like a jelly of some sort when the water mixes with it. It splashes off pretty easily, and my skin is left super smooth and soft.

Michael Todd Pearl and Silk Mask 5

Pardon my dazed look, my allergies have been terrible!

My skin is hypersensitive from using tretinoin, so I love that there’s a mask like this that gives me the smoothing effects of mild exfoliation, without any of the irritation. Very pleased with my results! Check it out at Michael Todd Beauty, or click one of the banners to get 20% off your purchase!

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