Manefit Beauty Planner Cucumber Soothing & Moisturizing Mask

manefit 3

With my love for sheet masks, I was happy to get the chance to try this, especially since Korean brands tend to do masks very well.

First things first- I’m unsure what exactly the word “planner” means in the name of this product. Possibly an issue with the translation or something…? (If you have any ideas, please comment below!)

manefit 1

The microfiber sheet contains cucumber and antioxidants to soothe, hydrate, and reduce puffiness. There are some great ingredients, such as vitis vinifera (grape) and other fruit extracts. However, I’m not a fan of alcohol being the third ingredient on the list.

manefit 2

The mask was quite soothing, but unlike other sheet masks I’ve tried, it actually started to dry out about half way through (about 10 minutes). To be fair, I’m not sure if it was due to the alcohol or the drier winter air. The good thing was that it did not leave my skin sticky like a few other brands do, and my skin was soothed and smooth.

It would be interesting to try this same mask out again when the weather is different. With the price being so reasonable at just $10 for five masks, I will likely do so!