L’REVE24K 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum Review


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Do you ever wish you could make your fine lines could just vanish, even temporarily? Well, according to L’Reve, you can!

L’REVE24K 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum is a powerful anti-aging product that was designed to address the fine expression lines that occur as early signs of aging. The serum is an ideal alternative to invasive procedures as imperfections appear to be instantly smoothed.

According to the company, L’REVE24K 60 Second Instant Face Lift Serum can reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as firm and tighten skin while you feel it working. Results take only 60 seconds, but last 6-8 hours.

L’REVE24K is chock full of peptides, which are proven ingredients in anti-aging skincare. Hyaluronic acid holds many times its weight in water, and serves as a great surface humectant. Additionally, the formula contains seaweed extract and 24K gold for a luxurious experience.

L’REVE24K is housed in a bottle with a pump that keeps the product safe from light and air exposure. Not only does this help prevent degradation of the ingredients, but it’s also convenient and sanitary- no germs from repeatedly dipping fingers into it.

The serum has a light, smooth jelly-like texture that goes on very easily. After about 20 seconds, I noticed the tightening sensation, but it was not unpleasant. That brings me to another point- despite my hypersensitive skin, I experienced no irritation of any kind.

L’REVE24K worked wonders for my fine lines, they all but disappeared! The effects on my forehead “elevens” seemed to last a bit longer than with my eye or mouth area, I’m going to surmise that this is because I move my forehead less.


Before and after using L’REVE24K 60 Second Instant Face Lift on Jerry’s eye area.

The only negative is that the results are short-lived compared to Botox injections. The serum lasts hours as opposed to months, but there are no needles and none of the risks that go along with injections. This serum is perfect for a special occasion, or any regular day if you just want to look younger. The bottle is small enough that I can easily stash it in my handbag for touch-ups if I need longer lasting results.

Overall, L’REVE24K is a pretty awesome product, especially for the low price tag of just $29.95! You can check out the site at lreverack.com, and you can find the serum here.

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