Love this Hello Rose! Kit from Pixi by Petra!

Pixi Hello Rose Kit 1

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The long weekend is over!  It’s almost spring, can’t wait for nicer weather!

Despite the dry skin, the one good thing the cold winter weather can do is give us some rosy color. But, even with the warming temperatures, it’s still possible to keep the color, along with some added glow.

I was super excited when Jerry brought in the mail, and he was holding a box from Pixi Beauty. Inside was the brand’s new Hello Rose! kit, which contains Glow Booster in Pink Pearl, LipLift Max in Sheer Rose, and Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold. Hellooooooooooo, rosey glow!

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I don’t have a lot of Pixi products, but not because I don’t like them. The easiest place to get them is at Target, but the Target stores near us are always sold out. I’ll get a call that they just restocked or got product in, and when we get there, it’s gone. It’s easy to see why- I’ve really, really liked the Pixi stuff I’ve tried, especially for the price! So, this is why I was so excited about getting this package. (Luckily, we can now shop for great beauty products directly from Pixi Beauty. )

Pixi LipLift Max Rose 1

LipLift Max is described as a “volume-maximizing lip treatment with a cooling sensation and glossy finish.” The formula contains peptides to hydrate, plump, and firm. Jojoba helps moisturize, aloe heals, and chamomile soothes, all topped off with a fresh mint flavor (Pixi-Sjovik, LTD, 2017).

Pixi LipLift Max Rose 2

I thought the LipLift Max was one of the better plumping products I’ve tried, it’s only slightly sticky at first, not nearly as much as others, and it goes away, especially when worn under lipstick. The Pixi LipLift Max also does not burn, so if you’ve been shying away from plumpers for this reason, fear no more! This is also available separately, in three beautiful, versatile shades.

Pixi LipLift Max Rose 3

I wore the Liplift Max by itself, under lipstick, and over lipstick. It’s pigmented enough that you’ll get a pop of color with it on its own, but since it’s more of a gloss, it will also work well with lipsticks in various shades. I reapplied after eating, and this mint scent came in handy so my breath wouldn’t smell so much like the onions I had…lol!

Pixi Blush Duo Rose Gold 1

The Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold consists of two super silky powders that give cheeks a fresh and flawless finish. The natural mineral formula not only contains Vitamin E and mica to help treat your skin while you wear it, but it’s also light-diffusing and long-wearing (Pixi-Sjovik, LTD., 2017).

Pixi Blush Rose Gold 2

The blush in this duo is not as pigmented as others I’ve tried, such as NARS. I will say, though, that it reminds me of the Lancome blushes, it’s quite sheer, but very buildable- so it’s extremely versatile. This one is more finely milled, so it seems to blend more easily. The highlighter side is also finely milled, and just as pigmented as the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed highlighters, the main difference being that the Pixi doesn’t have the “creamy” texture, it’s more of a powder.

Since this is a 2-in-1 product, it’s great for travel, and will come in very handy. Both the blush and highlighter were easy to apply and blend, and they wore all day. I really liked layering these over the Glow Booster as it resulted in a beautiful effect, and I got a lot of compliments! The duo is also available sold separately with a kabuki brush, the only negative being that I wish there were more shades to choose from!

The Glow Booster, in Pink Pearl, is fantastic for adding a glow without looking garish. You can mix it with your foundation for an all-over glow; or you can apply it by itself directly to your skin wherever you’d like a bit of extra “oomph.”

Pixi Glow Booster 1

I’m not really into the whole “glowy” look, I’m guessing this is because I had such oily skin growing up, so I was expecting that the Glow Booster wouldn’t really be for me. But, since “glow” is so “in,” I just had to try it out, and I’m so glad I did!

Pixi Glow Booster 2

Omg, you guys, this stuff is SO amazing, I can’t stop staring at the swatch on my hand! Even after I tried it out on my face, I left the swatch so I could keep gazing at it…lol! I applied this, after my foundation and powder, to my cheeks, then used the blush over it. I am very impressed, the finish is just gorgeous! I was so pleased that I also applied some to the bridge of my nose, forehead, and chin. It left me with a luminous finish, but none of that glittery or oily finish that so many glow products tend to leave.

Pixi Glow Booster 3

Photos just didn’t do this stuff justice, so I grabbed my phone and did a quick video shot of the swatch so you can see the iridescence (check it out at the end of this post). The Glow Booster wasn’t greasy or sticky, it applied very easily, and lasted until I took my makeup off later in the day.

Pixi Glow Booster 4

The only negative with the Pixi Glow Booster is that I couldn’t seem to find it available for sale separately anywhere on the site. So, for right now, unless I’m just missing it, the only way to get it seems to be in this kit. But the kit’s a great deal, so I can live with it. I just hope I can get it by itself soon!

Pixi Hello Rose Kit 3

Overall, the Pixi Hello Rose! kit is really awesome. All three products are of very good quality, and versatile enough for many looks. I can use these all of them for a more sedate look, or a glam look, depending on my mood. Plus, the whole kit is only $22.00, so there’s no reason not to grab one! Head on over to, or click on the link below, or one of the banners, to check it out!

Find the perfect makeup kits at Pixi Beauty!

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