Look Fab this Fall with Hotter Pixie Boots!

Hotter Pixie 3

Happy Monday everyone, it’s a bright shiny new week!!

Although I loathe the colder weather, and I want my flip-flops back, I got the most fabulous package in the mail!  Hotter sent me a pair of their famed Pixie boots in black, and let me just say that they have definitely brightened my mood about the impending months!

Hotter Pixie 1


If you read our post about Hotter’s Donna heels (find it here), or their Jewel flats (read about them here), then you know just how comfy the brand’s footwear is.  I follow quite a few UK bloggers on social media, and I often see posts featuring Hotter, and the Pixie boots seem to be a blogger fave.

Hotter Pixie 2

As soon as I opened the box, it was easy to see why these boots are so loved, and I hadn’t even tried them on yet!  The boots are a high-quality suede with a premium faux fur lining, and they have a cute, slouchy design. There is lace-up detail on the outside, and two cute tassels on the back of each one.

Hotter Pixie 4

The toes are rounded for comfort, and there’s a zipper on the inside of each boot, which makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze.  The soles are polyurethane with very good traction, so they’ll be perfect for snow and ice.

Hotter Pixie 5

The best part about Hotter shoes for me is the sizing and fit.  I wear a size 10, and my foot is slightly wider at the front, and narrower toward the heel.  This makes many styles uncomfortable as they pinch my feet, but if I get a wider size, my heels slide around.   Hotter shoes have a roomier toe box than many other brands, and they come in various widths, so you’re sure to get a good fit.

Hotter Pixie 6

The strange thing I’ve noticed with Hotter shoes is that there isn’t really a “breaking in” phase, they seem to comfortable from the start.  Pixie boots are SO comfortable, it really feels like I’m wearing sneakers.  They’re very versatile, too.  They’ll go well with jeans, leggings, heck, I even paired them with shorts.  They will definitely be a cool weather staple for me- I know I’ll likely wear them every day…lol!

Hotter Pixie 8

In addition to black, they have several other colors available that are updated each season, keeping a classic fave new and fresh on a regular basis.  The only negative with Hotter?  They’re a UK brand, and not as readily available on this side of the pond.  But, they have a U.S. website, shipping is very reasonable, and they arrive quickly.  They also have a generous return policy.

Head over to hotter.com/us and check ’em out! 

Hotter Pixie 7

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