Lazy Weekend Food & Fun: May 2016

Me JW silly

We really don’t have much of a life.  Ever since we started blogging and vlogging, we don’t get out much.  Our excitement consists of watching an hour or so of Netflix at night during the week, and going to Shreveport-Bossier on the weekends just so we can feel like we have a life…lol.  All I can say is that we’re thankful we have met some great friends over the years, and have discovered great food!

Grub Bloody mary

My $5 (yes, just 5 bucks!) bacon-infused Bloody Mary at Grub!

So, last Saturday (May 21), I was recovering from a ten mile run (yes, TEN miles) on Friday, and I didn’t walk any of it.  So, of course I used that as an excuse to get a burger at Grub.  Actually, does one really even need an excuse to go to Grub? (Read more info here and here.)  In addition to us both getting Bacon Love No. 9s, I had to get a Bloody Mary with bacon-infused vodka, as usual.

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After blogging about Grub twice, we keep returning just to see if they ever mess up or if the quality has declined, but they have yet to disappoint us.  It’s perfect every time!  I swear, Five Guys might as well just go ahead and close their doors…lol… yes, it’s THAT good.

As always, we made our Sephora and Ulta rounds, got to see Amanda and Bobby Dazzle- sad that Amanda’s leaving 🙁  But alas, she’s on to bigger things, so we’re excited for her!

Katherine Ulta 1

Katherine at Ulta in Bossier City

Another great thing about making rounds at all the beauty stores is all the ideas we get from such a vastly talented pool of artists.  While at Ulta in Bossier City, not only did we receive fantastic service, but the stunningly gorgeous Katherine was working.  Let me just say we were blown away by her perfection.

Katherine Ulta 2

I’m not one for using Generation Y or Z terminology, but her makeup was  SO on point.  I think I may just have to pick up the NYX eyeliner like she was wearing!  (Maybe the same one Beth had on a few weeks ago at Hooters…?)

Katherine Ulta 3

Unfortunately, we did not get to see the fabulous Benefit Brow Expert, BJ.  We always seem to miss her!!  I think she should have to find out every weekend when we’ll be there, and make sure she’s always working.  Because we all know her life should revolve around us, right…???  Lol… 😉

me BJ Ulta

Finally, last but not least, we went to Hooters for wings just before heading to the casino.  Monica and Beth were there, and Beth’s hair was curled.  She always looks adorable, but she looked like a pin-up- super fabulous.  Plus, the Bossier Hooters has the sweetest gals ever!

Hooters with Beth

Sadly, we didn’t win at the casino, but we had a fun day!

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