Julep Nail Color + Freedom Polymer Top Coat


I do my own nails, so it comes as no surprise that I am addicted to nail products.  It doesn’t help that Jerry likes them, too.  He doesn’t wear them, but as an artist, they just really appeal to him.  Thanks to him, I have over 300 bottles of nail color!

There are many brands I really like, and Julep is one of them.  They have such a wide variety of colors, they dry quickly, and wear very well.  They also have subscription boxes, called Maven Boxes, where you get great products for a super low price- you should definitely try out the program, you can cancel any time.


One of my favorite products by Julep is their Freedom Polymer Top Coat.  This is a quick drying top coat that has almost a gel-like effect, and is cured by any kind of light.  The trick is that you have to wait until your nail color is dry before applying, or it will “shrink.”  If I am not using one of the Julep nail colors, I often use my Nails Inc. Caviar Top Coat, which is quick drying, then apply the Julep Freedom.


I wanted something to get me excited for Fall, so I selected the color “Angela,” a deep metallic green.  While I’m still not ready for summer to end, the color is stunning.  Today is day number eight, I have no chips, and believe me, I use my hands a LOT.  This is why Julep remains one of my fave nail brands!

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