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Juice Beauty Travel Kits

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Hello all, it’s almost summer, and that means… vacation time!

We travel a lot, and a good bit of it is via airplane.   One of the biggest pains in the butt for me is not just layovers and airport headaches, but packing. Packing really sucks. I usually try to find travel sizes of most of my hair and skincare products, which make this process so much easier- even when we’re not flying, and just taking a road trip.

Thankfully, many brands have travel sized products, including kits with several items. These sets are often a very good value, and come at a discounted price as opposed to buying each one separately. The stores we frequent are also quick to show us their new travel sets because they know I’m a huge fan!

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Travel-sized sets are not only great for travel, but perfect for trying out new products, too. I also tend to buy them for regular use. It’s not often that I use up an entire product before something new piques my interest, leaving half a bottle (or more) to go to waste. So, these smaller sizes are often a great option.

Needless to say, when I got another package in the mail from Juice Beauty, I was excited to open it up and find several of the brand’s travel sets inside! I received the STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Solutions, Blemish Clearing Solutions, and GREEN APPLE Age Defy Solutions kits, as well as the brand’s Blemish Be Gone, Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray, and Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream. (Keep reading to find out how to get these for FREE, and be sure to check out our video at the end!)

Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

These products are purported to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, thanks to Juice Beauty’s STEM CELLULAR formulations. This clinically-proven technology contains a proprietary blend of Vitamin C and fruit stem cells infused to a resveratrol-rich organic grapeseed base.

Juice Beauty Anti Wrinkle

The STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Solutions contains three products: Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, and Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment. They are ideal for all skin types, and are particularly beneficial for those who are showing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

I think the formulations in this kit are great, especially with the Vitamin C, considering it’s a scientifically-proven ingredient. The only thing I would change is the jar packaging for the moisturizer. Constantly dipping one’s fingers into a product introduces bacteria and water. Also, the repeated exposure to light and air causes the ingredients to degrade, rendering them ineffective (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007). However, I simply transferred the cream into a travel pump, so no worries.

The stand-out product in this kit, for me, was the eye cream. Why? The packaging is genius! It has an area where you can press down, and the cream is dispensed from the nifty applicator tip, which you can use to massage the product onto the eye area. I really appreciate that they included this applicator even on the travel-sized product.

The serum was also fabulous- silky smooth, and absorbed readily. The three products seem to work very well together, and I integrated then with products in the other kits to create my own custom skincare routine.

Blemish Clearing Solutions

The GREEN APPLE Blemish Clearing Solutions kit contains a 30-day supply of products to help you achieve clear, healthy skin in just four steps. The blemish clearing collection clears and hydrates without harsh chemicals. The formulas feature salicylic acid, willow bark, organic fruit acids, Vitamin C, and CoQ10.

Juice Beauty Blemish Solutions

The kit includes BLEMISH CLEARING Cleanser, BLEMISH CLEARING Serum, GREEN APPLE Peel Blemish Clearing, Oil-Free Moisturizer, and an Eco-Bamboo washcloth. The kit is designed for oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin types.

While I don’t get many blemishes, thanks to using tretinoin, I do get the occasional (very large) zit. The peel will be especially helpful for these instances. I also like that there aren’t any harsh ingredients that will strip my skin. So many products still use outdated formulations that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, which is very harsh and can actually exacerbate inflammation.

The cleanser in this kit is also great for right after a workout or run, so I can ensure all the impurities are removed. The oil-free moisturizer is awesome for warmer weather, and will minimize the need for blotting, which is always a plus!

Age Defy Solutions

With the GREEN APPLE Age Defy Solutions kit, you can achieve a brighter, smoother complexion, thanks to malic acid from organic green apples along with a potent cocktail of peptides, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C, and CoQ10. This collection is purported to help decrease the appearance of fine lines and dark spots for younger looking skin.

Juicy Beauty Age Defy Solutions

The Age Defy Solutions kit contains GREEN APPLE Brightening Gel Cleanser, GREEN APPLE Age Defy Serum, GREEN APPLE Peel Full Strength, GREEN APPLE Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer, and GREEN APPLE Age Defy Moisturizer. The kit is suitable for all skin types except sensitive.

Yet again, Juice Beauty did not disappoint! The one negative here is that the SPF 15 moisturizer wasn’t SPF 30, which is the minimum recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology (American Academy of Dermatology, 2016). However, I always wear multiple SPF products, anyway, so this is a non-issue.

I’ve heard of the GREEN APPLE Peel, but had never tried it, so I’m glad I got the chance. I will admit that it smells a little icky- like vinegar! But, as soon as I applied it, the smell dissipated, and it wasn’t very strong. However, my results were fantastic- my skin was very soft and smooth, and glowing!

The gel cleanser was also a stand-out product. It foamed slightly, enough to get my skin clean, but it wasn’t overly foamy like a sulfate cleanser, so it didn’t strip my skin of moisture. It worked well both by itself and with my Michael Todd Soniclear Elite (see my review here). Very happy with the whole kit!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Juice Beauty travel kits- they’re a win for anyone who is taking a trip, or just wants to try out some new products from a high-quality brand. Still not convinced? Keep reading…

Free Gifts with Purchase!

Yup, that’s right- Just in case you need a bit more incentive, now through April 30, 2017, Juice Beauty is offering some fab gifts with purchase to help promote these already awesome travel kits!

Juice Beauty Peel Spray

With the STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Solutions kit, you get a FREE Exfoliating Peel Spray (see my review here). Click the link below and use code TravelSC at checkout.
Take Me Away! Travel Kits Special: FREE Exfoliating Peel Spray w/ purchase of Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit. Use code: TravelSC

Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone

When you purchase the Blemish Clearing Solutions kit, you will get a FREE FULL SIZE Spot Treatment. This will come in handy for when I get that occasional ginormous zit! Click the link below and use code TravelBC at checkout.
Take Me Away! Travel Kits Special: FREE Full Size Spot Treatment w/ purchase of Blemish Clearing Solutions Kit. Use code: TravelBC

Juice Beauty Hand Cream

Finally, when you purchase the GREEN APPLE Age Defy Solutions kit, you will get a FREE FULL SIZE Hand Cream. I use my hands a lot, and am outside quite a bit, so this has come in very handy! Click the link below and use code TravelGA at checkout.
Take Me Away! Travel Kits Special: FREE Full Size Hand Cream w/ purchase of Age Defy Solutions Kit. Use code: TravelGA

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