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Hey, everyone!  It’s a bright, shiny, brand-new year!!!  Are you excited for what 2018 has in store?

Well, toward the end of 2017, I got another package in the mail from Juice Beauty, which is always exciting because they have some really innovative eco-conscious products.  I love clean products without any harmful ingredients, especially when it comes to the dry winter weather- need to minimize irritation as much as possible, right?


Plus, I love that Juice Beauty is based in San Francisco- their products always invoke the happy memories of our recent California trip.  We did the whole San Francisco “thing,” as well as Napa Valley, and driving down Pacific Coast Highway.  One of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever been on- it felt so peaceful there.  So, any time I use something from Juice Beauty, it brings back those happy feelings.

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Anywho, this package contained the brand’s new Illuminating and Bronzing PHYTO-PIGMENTS Juice Boostsicon.  What are these, you ask?  They’re tubes of magic!  Well, close to it, anyway- they’re super-concentrated plant-derived pigments with certified organic ingredients.  There are two shades- Illuminating and Bronzing, so you can customize your look with a pearlescent or sun-kissed finish (Juice Beauty, 2017).

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The formulas are infused with coconut and moringa, so they’re actually good for your skin.  The pigments can be applied directly to the skin, or added to your foundation, primer, or moisturizer, so they’re very versatile (Juice Beauty, 2017).  The boosts are housed in convenient squeeze tubes, so it’s easy to dispense the perfect amount, and you can stash them in your makeup bag, too.

Juice Beauty Boosters 3

I really loved the idea of plant-based pigments, but to be honest, I didn’t think they would be very long-lasting.  After playing around with these for several weeks, I found out how wrong I was!  If I mix them in with my foundation, and apply over primer, they last just as long as my foundation, which is super awesome, no need to reapply.  But, I’ll go over the different ways I used these, just to give an idea of how they work.

Juice Beauty Boosters 4

They sent an Eco Tools sponge applicator with the Juice Boosts, so I figured I would use it.  I first tried using these in place of my regular bronzing and highlighting powders.  Meaning, I applied my foundation, concealer, and powder, then used the Juice Boosts.  To be honest, I knew this probably wouldn’t work, but out of habit, I started applying my powder before reaching for these…lol.

So, as you can probably guess, attempting to apply liquid bronzer over my powder didn’t end well… it moved the powder around and looked weird, so I had to reapply powder and kind of blend, and it still looked icky.  But, after it dried and set, it was something I could go out in public with and not feel too ashamed!  The only reason this was really an issue, though, was because bronzer needs to be blended out.

The Illuminator wasn’t such an issue, even being over powder.  I often apply products such as NARS Orgasm Illuminator or Pixi Glow Booster on top of powder- I simply “tap” them on.  This same method worked perfectly fine for the Illuminating Juice Booster- the iridescence was quite similar to the Pixi, as a matter of fact, just less pink.

Next, I tried mixing the products into my foundation.  I dispensed a bit of foundation into the palm of my hand, mixed in the Bronzing, and applied to the areas where I would bronze.  I repeated this process with the illuminating, and applied to my cheekbones.  Then I applied plain foundation to the rest of my face and blended into the areas with the Juice Boosts.  This gave me the most seamless, natural look, as well as the most long-lasting.  The only issue here is that the Illuminating Juice Boost lost its iridescent effect, so I ended up tapping a bit more on.

Wearing Juice Beauty Juice Boosts

Wearing Juice Beauty Juice Boosts

I also tried applying my foundation, concealer, then the Bronzing, followed by powder, and tapped on the Illuminating.  Although it wasn’t quite as seamless as mixing the Juice Boosts with foundation, it was much less time-consuming, and this ended up being the way I most frequently apply these.

Finally, I found that even on days where I decide not to wear makeup, I can get a healthy bronzed glow by applying the Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR CC Creamicon along with these Juice Boosts.  Despite not having a full face of makeup, I can leave the house feeling a bit more confident about myself.

Juice Beauty has a great way of creating makeup that is also skincare.  I love that I can get a bit of color and glow from plant-derived pigments that actually nourish my skin.  If you want high-quality plant-based, organic color and glow for your complexion, you should check out the new PHYTO-PIGMENTS Juice Boosts at JuiceBeauty.com!

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Juice Beauty (2017). PHYTO-PIGMENTS Juice Boost. Juice Beauty. Retrieved December 30, 2017, from www.juicebeauty.com.

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