Wake Up Tired Eyes with Juice Beauty Instant Eye Lift Algae Eye Mask


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Yeah, so, this post is a day late.  I was going to post last night, but got behind in everything I had planned to do.  Why?  There was a snake in the house.  Yes.  A SNAKE.  INSIDE OUR HOUSE.  I literally screamed.  No joke.  Needless to say, we spent a good while coming up with a plan, then taking care of the problem.  Glad that’s over with!

As you may already know, if you’ve been keeping up with us, you know how much I ADORE sheet masks. Any kind of sheet mask, full face, eyes, whatever… they’re just so easy and convenient!

It really excites me, though, when I find a sheet mask that’s different from all the others. And I found exactly that with the Juice Beauty Algae Eye Maskicon. You see, they’re not made out of cotton, paper, bamboo, or anything you may expect- they’re made of algae. Algae, you ask…? Yep. Freeze dried algae.

Juice Beauty’s two-step Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask is purported to instantly brighten, revive, and lift the eye area in just ten minutes. The eye masks themselves are a nutrient-rich, freeze-dried algae biomatrix. The antioxidants within the masks are triggered when the Activator Fluid is added (Juice Beauty, n.d.).

Juice Beauty Algae Eye Mask 2

The pressed algae masks help reduce the appearance of eye area puffiness with organic cucumber, arnica, and white tea extracts. Algae and organic aloe hydrate and refresh, while chamomile and hyaluronic acid encourage supple skin texture (Juice Beauty, n.d.).

On top of the great skincare benefits, pressed algae also replaces cotton, often lade with pesticides, from being used around the delicate eye area (Juice Beauty, n.d.). This means you get a luxurious, spa-like treatment with no harmful chemicals, just high-quality, good-for-you ingredients!

Juice Beauty Algae Eye Mask 3

The two-step eye masks are super simple to use. Just open the seal on the masks, and empty the contents of the vial onto the masks. Once the masks have soaked up the serum, just pop them onto the eye area, sit back, and relax for ten minutes or so.

Juice Beauty Algae Eye Mask 4

Jerry and I both tried these out, and wore them for about 40 minutes. I needed him to try them, too, because I had just done a microdermabrasion treatment, so I knew my skin would be ultra-sensitive. I felt a very slight stinging that went away quickly, and Jerry had absolutely no irritation whatsoever.

We both agreed our eye area was much more hydrated, and looked smoother and brighter. This was especially good for my allergy eyes, I looked and felt so much better!

Juice Beauty Algae Eye Mask 5

The two-step process is great because you’re not only getting an all-natural product that’s chock full of nutrients, but since the algae is freeze-dried and isn’t activated until you add the serum, you’re getting the absolute freshest product possible. Plus, the eye masks come in a sealed tray, and the activator is in a sealed vial, so they’re convenient for travel.

If you want the superhero of all eye masks, where in addition to the serum, the fabric itself is an active ingredient, then you need to try out the Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask. You can one set for $10, or six sets for $55. Check em’ out at JuiceBeauty.com.

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Juice Beauty (n.d.). STEM CELLULAR Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask. Juice Beauty. Retrieved March 27, 2017, from www.juicebeauty.com.

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