Reduce Cravings with Jou Sweet Enough Dietary Supplement from Timetospa (Steiner Leisure Limited)

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Hello there!

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you may already know that TimetoSpa sent me a box of fab goodies.  This dietary supplement from Jou was one of things in that box.  First off, I LOVE cake.  (Did somebody say, “cake?”)  Cake with lots of frosting, cookies, chocolate, candy, sweets, you name it, I love it.

So, when I saw this bottle Jou Sweet Enough, I was pretty ecstatic- it’s purported to control blood sugar as well as sugar cravings.  I’ve been eating very healthy lately, and really trying to lead a clean lifestyle after my last blood work showed slightly elevated cholesterol (read about it here).  I also hate drugs and having to take meds, so a natural supplement that could possibly reduce my sugar cravings was right up my alley!

Jou (meaning “mantra”) uses only organic roots, petals, grasses, stems, fruits, seeds, and woods that are crushed and put into a vegetarian capsule.   The ingredients in Sweet Enough include gymnemia, organic rehmannia, organic alisma root, trichosanthes root, organic pueraria, organic ophiopogon tuber, American ginseng, organic astragalus root, organic cornus fruit, organic schisandra berry, organic Solomon’s seal, organic coptis, organic moutan root bark, and kudzuvine root.

As Jou mentions, if you’re currently on any medications, see your doctor prior to using this supplement.  As for my own input- while I prefer natural health methods, there are times when conventional methods are necessary.  Always consult with a licensed healthcare provider in regards to any possible health conditions or supplements.

At first, I thought there was a very large amount of capsules in the bottle, with a quantity of 270.  But, as with many natural supplements, the recommended dose is pretty high at three capsules taken three times per day, meaning nine a day.  But, they’re easy to swallow, and I’d rather take more of something natural than less of something that’s a drug with nasty side effects!

I actually have a glucose testing kit, but it stopped working, so I can’t attest to my blood sugar numbers.  But, after taking the Jou Sweet Enough for about a week, I really did start to notice a reduction in sugar cravings.  It was strange how it came about- I realized all my apples were still in the refrigerator, and I hadn’t eaten any in a couple days…lol.  It’s no wonder Jou has been featured in Organic Spa Magazine (Theiss, 2014)!

Overall, I’m SO happy with the Jou Sweet Enough Dietary Supplement, I love that my sugar cravings are not taking over my life.  Since I don’t crave it as much, I don’t feel like I’m “missing out” on anything by eating healthy.

The only negative is that the Jou supplements can seem a bit pricey at $95.00 per bottle.  But, this is a lot less than many prescriptions, and there aren’t any negative side effects.  Plus, the advantage of shopping at is that they always have sales and special offers.  For example, you get free shipping on orders of $49 or more, and four free samples with each order.

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Theiss, E. (2014). Mainstreaming Chinese herbal medicine. Organic Spa Magazine, April 30, 2014. Retrieved August 9, 2017, from

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