Jane Carter Solution Slumber Party Leave-In Conditioner

Jane Carter Solution Slumber Party

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Guess what?  Good news for all you Target lovers out there- Jane Carter Solution has launched a Healthy Hair line at Target!

Being half Eskimo, I have very thick hair that’s prone to damage.  So, when I got the opportunity to try out Jane Carter Solution Slumber Party Leave-In Conditioner, I was super happy!   I’m NOT a morning person, so I wash my hair at night.  The idea of waking up with soft, silky hair had me wishing bedtime came sooner so I could use this…lol!

I wasn’t really familiar with the brand until I got into beauty products.  When shopping at Ulta, I would always see people with Jane Carter Solution products in their bags.  I figured it must be pretty good, because people of many ethnicities and with all different hair types were snatching the stuff up!

I love that there are no harmful chemicals in Jane Carter Solution products.  As a matter of fact, Ms. Carter herself had an allergic reaction to products she had been using, so that’s why she formulated these products!  Slumber Party contains some very impressive ingredients, such as restorative lipids like sunflower and maracuja oils.

Another thing I really like about Slumber Party, is like other products, it can be used on any type of hair.  If you have lots of thick hair like I do, you can spray it everywhere; if you have fine or thin hair, just spray it on the ends.  A little bit goes a long way, even with long, thick hair, it only takes four to five sprays for me.  It has a very light, fresh, natural fragrance that dissipates quickly.  It also made my hair SO easy to comb through, which is a HUGE DEAL.  When your hair is long, thick, and dried out, combing through it when wet can be worse than a root canal…lol!

After using Jane Carter Solution Healthy Hair Slumber Party Leave-In Conditioner for nearly a week, my hair is silkier, softer, and easier to manage.  So, stop by your nearest Target, or visit Target.com to pick some up- for the reasonable price of just $10.99, you can’t afford NOT to get this!  😉