Jan Marini Skin Care Management System

Hey everyone!  I’m so NOT ready for winter!  Not only do I loathe the cold, but it also tends to wreak havoc on skin.  So, this is the perfect time to revamp your skin care routine.  And new skin care products tend to bring a bit of cheer to those cold-weather blues!

Having been a huge fan of Jan Marini products, I was super excited to try out the brand’s Skin Care Management System.   I received the kit for normal/combination skin, which is a 5-step system that consists of Bioglycolic Face Cleanser, C-ESTA Face Serum, Bioclear Face Lotion, Transformation Face Cream, and Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33.

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Step 1: Cleanse

The Bioglyolic Face Cleanser is the first step in the Marini Skin Care Management System.  As the name implies, it includes one of my fave skin care ingredients- glycolic acid, an AHA.  Unlike many other ingredients, glycolic acid has the smallest molecule size of all AHAs, so it can actually penetrate the skin.  It works by encouraging exfoliation and collagen production (Sharad, 2013).  This means it’s great for photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, etc.

The cleanser is housed in a convenient pump bottle, and can be used day and night.  It doesn’t have a discernible scent, so if you don’t like fragrance, this stuff is great.  Bioglycolic Face Cleanser is used like a balm, massage it into dry skin, remove with a clean, damp cloth, then splash your face with water.  You will need a separate remover if you’re wearing eye makeup, as this can be irritating.

As I’m accustomed to 70% glycolic peels, I had no problems with irritation.  But, with glycolic acid being only the second ingredient listed, it’s pretty potent.  If you’re sensitive or new to glycolic products, start off using it just once a day until your skin adjusts.   The cleanser did a great job of leaving my skin clean, but not dried out.

Step 2: Rejuvenate

C-ESTA Face Serum is the second step in the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System.  This serum features Vitamin C and DMAE for powerful free-radical protection.  As research has shown Vitamin C is not just an excellent antioxidant, but also helps promote collagen production (Pullar, Carr & Vissers, 2017), it, too, is one of my top skin care ingredient choices.

C-ESTA Face Serum is housed in a sleek, convenient, airless pump bottle.  This makes me very happy, as antioxidants tend to easily become unstable.  Even a stable form needs to be packaged in a way to prevent exposure to light and air, as these can degrade the ingredients, rendering them ineffective (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007).  So, with the packaging, you can be assured your C-ESTA serum will stay safe.

I’m just going to come right out and say it- this stuff smells AMAZING.  It smells almost like a citrus candy, but not overpowering.  I love fragrance in my skin care products, but if you don’t, no worries- the delectable smell dissipates quickly.  The serum goes on easily, is readily absorbed, and it’s not sticky.  It wears well with other skin care products and makeup, too.

Step 3: Resurface

Bioclear Face Lotion is the third step in the system, and contains a trio of powerful acids to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, address acne scarring, redness, uneven texture, and large pores.  This is truly a must-have!

The “magic” ingredients in Bioclear are glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid.  As mentioned previously, glycolic acid works as a fantastic exfoliant, and helps stimulate collagen production.  Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid, not only acts as a gentle exfoliant, but it’s oil-soluble, so it has the ability to penetrate more deeply into the skin, carrying other ingredients with it.  Finally, azelaic acid not only helps treat mild to moderate rosacea and inflammation, but also kills acne-causing bacteria and keeps pores clear (PubMed, 2018).  I obviously couldn’t wait to get this stuff onto my skin!

First thing, this isn’t really so much as a lotion, but more of a serum or thin gel-like substance.  I like the consistency because it sinks in so easily.  There’s a very slight tackiness for a split second, but it goes away very quickly.  I don’t usually like dropper bottles because I’m clumsy and tend to spill things…lol.  But, the way this bottle is made, I don’t think the contents would spill out as easily if it were to tip over.  Plus, the dropper makes it super easy to dispense the exact amount I need.

Despite having hypersensitive skin from using tretinion (prescription retinoid), I’ve had zero irritation with Bioclear Face Lotion.  The instructions say to use it once a day until your skin can tolerate using twice per day, but I’m already accustomed to these ingredients.  Tretinoin is irritating, so I started alternating with Bioclear in the evenings, and using Bioclear every morning.

Not only has Bioclear helped address the flakiness I get from the tretinoin, but it’s really done a great job of keeping my skin smooth- it even FEELS smooth to the touch.  This also seems to make skin care products following application absorb more easily.

Step 4: Hydrate

Oh, Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream, how I love thee!  Okay, so I had to start off with a positive because I LOVE this stuff.  The ONLY negative is the jar packaging.  I mentioned the issue earlier of exposure to light and air, but there’s also the problem of introducing bacteria into the cream by repeatedly dipping fingers into the jar.  No worries- I just transferred it into an opaque pump bottle (I tend to horde these…lol), the cream is totally worth it!

The ingredients are nothing short of spectacular.  It’s packed with potent anti-agers such as antioxidants, TGF Beta-1, patented Thymosin Beta-4, anti-aging peptides, and growth factors.  It makes me so happy when companies use ingredients I love, and that are proven by science.  In this case, peer-reviewed studies have shown that products containing growth factors and cytokines can reduce the appearance of skin aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines (Aldag, Teixeira & Leventhal, 2016).

Transformation Face Cream smells similar to the C-ESTA Face Serum, but is a bit lighter.  The texture is divine, and super easy to spread.  I’ve found that it’s a bit too heavy for my skin during the day in the hot, humid months in the south.  But, at night, it’s perfect, and after I wash my face in the mornings, my skin feels awesome.  I’ll definitely try it again during the day time when the cold winter months arrive.

Step 5: Protect

The final step in the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System is the Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33.  Key ingredients, aside from sun protectants, include antioxidants, beta glucan 1,3, phytomelanin, hyaluronic acid, and an oil capture system.  A good thing about the active sun protection ingredients is that there is no white cast!

Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant comes in a convenient squeeze tube.  The formula has a fresh smell that’s similar to the Transformation Face Cream, so it’s uplifting, but not heavy.  Since the consistency is like a light lotion, there’s no greasiness, and my skin doesn’t feel “suffocated” like it can with many other sun protection products.

The best part?  Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant not only provides antioxidants and SPF 33 to prevent damage and premature aging, but it’s also a great moisturizer.  Since the Transformation Face Cream is a bit “too much” for my face during the day, I simply skip Step 4, and go straight to this.  It performs so well that I don’t even need a separate moisturizer.  My skin stays protected and hydrated at the same time!

Final Thoughts

Using the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System over the course of several weeks, I found that I actually experienced short term results.  My skin is smoother, fine lines are plumped, and my pores appear smaller due to being more clear.  I can even tell a difference just touching my skin- so if I already have results after just a few weeks, I know it will only get better over the long term.

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