JadeCrate Boho Subscription Box

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Hey everyone, long time, no post!  We just got back from a trip to California to visit Jerry’s son and his family.  We missed blogging and posting on our social channels, but really enjoyed the break and spending time with our loved ones.

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When we got back, there were quite a few packages waiting for us, including a JadeCrate.  Never heard of it?  Well, it’s a really awesome boho subscription box that contains a variety of items including global, fair trade, and USA made fashion accessories, home goods, organic snacks, skin care, etc.

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With the timelessness of bohemian style and my love of subscription boxes, naturally, I couldn’t wait to tear open this box!  Well, I didn’t actually tear it open, but that’s how excited I was about it…lol!

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The box itself was big, and was printed with pretty designs, so it stood out among the packages we received.  When I opened the box, there was a card describing the month’s featured artisan, Asha Handicrafts in India.  When I looked under the card, there were quite a few items included, which was really awesome.

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First off, there was the Asha Handicrafts silk scarf, which is generously sized at 20 x 70 inches, and has a gorgeous feather print.  The brand is a not-for-profit company in Mumbai, India, that promotes Fair Trade and Fair Trade practices.  As a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, they work to ensure that the benefits of handicraft production actually reach the craftspeople themselves.

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The next thing I noticed was a beautiful turquoise and silver-tone jar, which I’m guessing is supposed to be a candle holder, but I’m going to use it for makeup brushes.  It could also be used for pens, pencils, flowers, pretty much anything.

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They also included two pieces of jewelry- a pair of silver-tone elephant earrings (I LOVE elephants!), and an adjustable silver-tone ring with a turquoise wrapping.  Both are fabulous and versatile, I can’t wait to wear them.

JadeCrate 6

As a tea lover, I was pleased to find a packet of Jasmine Reserve green tea from the Art of Tea.  There was also a bag of Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink popcorn- I’ve heard of this brand of snacks before, and always wanted to try this stuff.

JadeCrate 11

Finally, there was a bottle of JadeCrate branded Natural Boheme body lotion with almond, jojoba, and avocado oils.  Always having dry, itchy skin, this was a welcome inclusion, and it smelled pretty nice, too.

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There are several options available, including the regular box like I got, and the Pico Box, which is a smaller version.  The only negative is that the regular JadeCrate initially seems a bit pricey, at around $50.  BUT, this isn’t just any boho box, it includes an array of products for your entire lifestyle.

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First off, the presentation of the items was beautiful- everything was well packaged, and I liked the turquoise theme, so it was aesthetically pleasing to see.  I also really appreciated the variety of items- with a fashionable scarf, jewelry, tea, a snack, and skin care product, as well as the jar, so you get a lot for what you pay.

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Secondly, unlike many other subscription boxes, and as previously mentioned, there are several options to choose from.  The regular box subscription is $49.99 per month, while the Pico Box is $25.00.  Another plus is that JadeCrate has “try before you buy,” so you can actually order just a one-time shipment to see how you like it- the regular box is $55.00, and the Pico Box is $30.00.

Overall, I’m super happy with the JadeCrate box I received- each item was fabulous and will be useful, there was nothing I didn’t like.  When considering the contents, it’s a great value for such a variety of unique items.  This is definitely a box I wouldn’t mind subscribing to and receiving on a regular basis!  Check it out at JadeCrate.com, there are also some videos here and here if you’d like to see more!

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