It Cosmetics for Ulta Velvet Luxe Empress Fan Brush 324

I am absolutely wowed by the It Cosmetics for Ulta Velvet Luxe collection. Never in my life have I found such great brushes at reasonable prices. Yes, these will set you back a bit more than others, but the prices are actually very good for the quality you get.

I can totally understand spending fifty bucks for a Japanese brush, but for an It Cosmetics for Ulta brush…? I was skeptical when I first heard about these. Then, lo and behold, when I stepped foot into Ulta and saw the display, I couldn’t stop touching these! I seriously wished there was a mat made of these brush heads just so I could roll around on it.

This is the softest, most velvety brush, ever. Therefore, the name “Velvet Luxe” is appropriate. To top it all off, for your hard-earned $48, there is a little crystal at the end of these brushes! I use this primarily for applying highlighter, and I’m tempted to use it to apply body powder, that’s how awesome it is. If this brush should happen to break, or get lost or stolen, I will cry. Then I will go buy another one.

The It Cosmetics for Ulta Velvet Luxe Empress Fan brush retails for $48.00.

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  1. These brushes are also self sanitary! Although, I recommend cleaning every other day for better results with makeup application. Also, when you buy one, you are donating one to a woman with cancer, or burns. I am so in love with these brushes!

    • I am SO in love with these brushes! Every time I go into the store, I check to see if there happen to any that I missed, or any new ones!

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