I’m SO in Love with Milk Makeup Lip Color!

Have you ever just been so blown away by a company’s service that they just totally make your day?  That’s what happened to me with Milk Makeup.

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, then chances are you’ve read my post about my disappointing experience with this month’s Birchbox.  As an “Ace,” I’m supposed to get first dibs on box choices; and I specifically selected the box with the Milk Makeup sample.  Milk was the only brand I hadn’t tried before, and I’ve heard fantastic things, so I was really excited to get that Birchbox!

Unfortunately, my wallet got stolen, and although Birchbox told me I had until a certain date to update my payment information in order to keep my reserved box, that apparently was not true.  They sent me the wrong box- one without the Milk C.R.E.A.M. Lip Color sample!  When I contacted Birchbox’s customer service “Discovery Specialists,” they were very friendly and tried to help.    Although they didn’t have any more Milk samples to send, they did credit my account with 50 points (read more here).  Unfortunately, that still didn’t get me the Milk sample I had my heart set on. 🙁

Before I started blogging, I would have just went ahead and bought the lipstick.  But, I now have myself on a very strict budget to prevent justifying any overspending “because the blog”…lol!  So, I decided to email Milk Makeup’s customer service to see if they had any of the C.R.E.A.M. Lip Color samples.

Now, I know brands are constantly inundated with sample requests, so I let them know what happened with Birchbox.  I attached screen shots of my confirmation that I was supposed to get the sample, and of the response from their customer service saying they were out.  Less than an hour later, I had a response from Claire- she said they were very sorry I missed out (even though it had nothing to do with them!), and she asked for my address.  It took two days, and I had not one, but two lip color samples.  She sent O.G. Red in addition to the C.R.E.A.M. I missed out on from Birchbox!

Milk Lip Color OG Red Cream 1

I was planning on updating my Birchbox post so I could include the Milk lip color.  However, after the experience I had, they deserve more.  It’s not often that I do a whole post about a sample size product, but in addition to the product being superb, the customer service I received was SO awesome, that a whole post is absolutely in order!

Now, about that lip color…

According to Milk Makeup, this lip color provides lasting full coverage with comfortable wear.  The 30% pigment means super intense color with just one swipe.  Although the finish is demi-matte, shea butter, coconut oil, and grapefruit peel oil help boost moisture and keep lips soft (Milk Makeup, 2016).

Milk Lip Color OG Red Cream 2

I was equally impressed with both shades- true to their word, they were very pigmented, and went on very smoothly.  The C.R.E.A.M. is a beautiful nude, kind of like my own lips, but better and more even toned.  O.G. Red is a classic, true red that is surprisingly very wearable.  I think both shades would flatter most skin tones quite well, and they’re both extremely versatile and great for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events.

Milk Lip Color CREAM

Wear time was fantastic, they lasted all day.  Well, the red got kind of messed up when I ate hot wings doused in extra sauce during the Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M game…lol!  But, although they aren’t advertised as long-wearing like the super-matte formulas, they lasted a LONG time.  The best part?  No dried out lips!!!!

Milk Lip Color OG Red

One of the things that interests me so much about Milk Makeup is that their products are so innovative, yet they’re not gimmicks- they’re made to really get the job done.  I can’t wait to experience more from the brand- I’ve got my eye on the Lip and Eye Markers, Oil Lip Stain, Shadow Liner, Bronzer, Highlighter, Lip + Cheek, well heck, all of it!

Overall, these lip colors are super-duper fantabulous- I’ll be wearing the O.G. Red as I cheer on my alma mater, the Cyclones, tomorrow in the Sweet 16!

P.S.  Thank you, Claire! 🙂


Milk Makeup (2016). Lip Color. Milk Makeup. Retrieved March 24, 2016, from milkmakeup.com.