I’m Loving the Foreo Luna Mini!

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After posting about my first impressions (found here), I was really anxious to start using this wonderful little device!

So, Foreo recommends using the Luna Mini daily, in the morning and at night. That was a bit too much with my Clarisonic, so I’m starting out once per day, then will try twice as my skin adjusts. After trying the Foreo Luna Mini for three nights on the low setting, I decided to try it on the high setting. It’s much gentler for sensitive skin than my Clarisonic- so it came in perfect time, as I had just switched to tretinoin gel instead of cream, which is a bit more potent.

Foreo Luna Mini 10

Up to 8,000 T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulses are channeled through the Luna Mini per minute for an effective, deep cleanse. The low setting was great on my sensitive skin, but didn’t quite remove the flakes I was getting from the tretinoin. When I switched to the high setting, it was more effective. There were only a few left that were easily rubbed away with a soft cloth.

I also found that the higher setting did a better job of cleansing. I only wore some BB cream today, so I didn’t have to do a pre-cleanse, which I did need with the lower setting. The instructions online suggest starting at the chin, and moving in upward strokes toward the jawline, cleansing the forehead from the middle, then using outward strokes, then downward strokes along each side of the nose, and finally, outward strokes under the eyes. However, when I have done it this way, I still have makeup residue when I’m done. I did find, though, that working in small, circular motions is very effective- which is just fine with Foreo, as they actually encourage you to do what’s right for your routine. After use, my skin feels so smooth, and my pores actually look smaller!

I will soon be doing a comparison between the Luna Mini and the Clarisonic Mia 2- so check back often!

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