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It’s Sunday fun day again!  Unless you live in Louisiana.  Mother Nature has been on a rampage, and battering our state with “category million” tornadoes and super storms.  Thankfully, we’re safe, despite the bit of anxiety I went through- mostly worrying about power outages!  (Is it sad that I have an undergrad degree in emergency management, and designed disaster plans for tornadoes, but I still hate them…?)

Despite the dreary weather, I have another fabulous product to share with you from Honey Sweetie Acres– It’s a limited edition 73% organic sulfate-free shampoo! It’s a natural shampoo that’s free of chemicals and sulfates, so there’s nothing harsh to strip your hair.

So, first off, for those of you who haven’t read our previous posts about Honey Sweetie Acres, they’re much different from other brands that make similar products. If you read our post about how natural isn’t always better (read it here), then you know that just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it’s good for you, or even safe.

There are so many “DIY’ers” out there, those selling handmade or homemade products. (I’m not going to lie, there is some really good stuff on Etsy and from other creative people!) A lot of people don’t seem to realize, though, that there are safety concerns. For example, some essential oils can be toxic in certain quantities, or if used improperly. I’ve seen a small home-based brand touting an anti-aging product, but the molecule size of their “star” ingredient wouldn’t even penetrate the skin.

So, even though a product is natural, you still want to make sure you’re getting something from a reputable brand. Honey Sweetie Acres has formal training and certifications, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality, effective, and safe products.

Honey Sweetie Acres co-founder, Regina Bauscher, is a certified aromatherapist. As such, they are an approved Business Member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, which has established the gold standards for the professional designation of Certified Aromatherapist. HSA strives to educate their customers and assist in the safe and effective application of aromatherapy (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2017).

Honey Sweetie Acres is also a member of the American Society of Quality to pursue manufacturing quality and adherence to testing and standards. Furthermore, Regina is a student of Formula Botanica, and is participating in their Skin Care Expert program. It’s no wonder the brand has won a plethora of awards (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2017)!

Now that you know you’re getting a superbly formulated, high quality product, I can go ahead and tell you about this shampoo. I’m SO stinkin’ excited about this because one of the options (the one I chose) is Tea Tree and Peppermint! It also comes in Clean and Clear (unscented), Citrus, and Lavender, so there’s something for everyone.

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The Tea Tree and Peppermint has a base of organic aloe leaf juice (not water!) and is formulated with some great stuff like organic lavender, chamomile, peppermint essential oil, tea tree, and organic jojoba seed oil, as well as rose hip, wheat protein, pro-Vitamin B5, and vitamin E. So, this shampoo is chock-full of great ingredients.

I’ve used the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo, and I’ve also regularly used the Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner- the shampoo is kind of herbal, and the conditioner is minty. I like these products because they help with itchiness. I don’t have dandruff, eczema or psoriasis, so tar products have no effect. I have allergies, and urticaria, so tea tree, peppermint, and lavender have worked very well for me.

The Honey Sweetie Acres Tea Tree and Peppermint shampoo is like combining the best ingredients of the Paul Mitchell and Pureology lines, organically. The price is also very nice- it’s just $8.25 for nine ounces.

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The consistency is very thin and “liquidy,” as there are no artificial ingredients or anything nasty. But, the pump dispenser makes it easy to just pump some into a cupped hand, then rub my hands together. I usually shampoo my hair twice, and the first time, this didn’t lather at all- there are no sulfates (hooray!), but the second time, it did lather just a bit. It was the perfect amount, enough so I could tell I was working through all of my hair, but not enough to strip the moisture.

The weird thing about this shampoo is that it got my hair squeaky clean, like, it really squeaked! But, the moisture wasn’t stripped out. I tried using this without conditioner, and my hair really was soft! I don’t know how on earth something can get my hair so clean that it literally squeaks, but still leave it soft. I should note, though, that since I heat style my regularly, that’s the only time I didn’t use conditioner- I just had to omit it that one time so I could fully test this stuff, and I was amazed.

The only negative I could fine with this shampoo is that it’s limited edition- I sincerely hope that every single one you goes and buys this so they keep making it- it’s that amazing! Check it out by clicking here, or on the banner. Happy shopping!


Honey Sweetie Acres (2017). Honey Sweetie Acres. Retrieved March 31, 2017, from www.honeysweetieacres.com.

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