Honey Sweetie Acres Goat Milk Soap & Skincare: First Impression

Honey Sweetie Acres soap and lotion

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I was SO excited to get a package in the mail from Honey Sweetie Acres– a small company in Goshen, Ohio, that makes artisan soap and skincare products.  Goat milk has always been one of my favorite skincare ingredients.  I suffer from idiopathic urticaria (hives that occur for no known reason), and goat milk skincare products happen to be very soothing.

After their six children left home, Regina and Steve Bauscher felt it was time they follow their own path.  They had grown up in the country and missed that life, so they were lucky enough to find a place where they could embrace the rural lifestyle and live in a healthier, more natural way.  Part of that plan included raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2015).

Honey Sweetie Acres’ mission is to provide healthy, natural, and sustainable skincare products free from chemicals; and they believe in goat milk products and the therapeutic value of essential oils.  While Honey Sweetie Acres makes no medical claims about their products, many people do find the ingredients help ease the discomfort of various skin conditions (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2015).

The best part about Honey Sweetie Acres is that they never use canned goat milk, powdered goat milk, or melt and pour goat milk bases that are used by many other companies.  Their milk is obtained through strict sanitary milking, with nutrition, feeding, and health records being an integral part of the process.  The goats at Honey Sweetie Acres are raised as holistically and naturally as possible.  If medications are necessary, that milk is not used in production (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2015).

Regina and Steve chose to raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, the smallest dairy goat breed, due to their extremely high butterfat milk and superior lipoprotein makeup (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2015).  You can be confident in the products you purchase, as they show their production process on their website.  You can even view their goats and pedigrees- what other skincare companies are this transparent?!?!?

All vendors are verified, and Honey Sweetie Acres ensures that the oils used were produced via cold process extraction, so skin-loving nutrients and enzymes are preserved.  Organic coconut oil is used as a base, along with high oleic olive oil.  GMO products are never used.  Colorants are natural clays, herbs, spices, micas, etc.- no FD&C dyes are used.  All products are preservative-free, with only natural antioxidants, local honey, and botanical extracts to prevent oxidation (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2015).

I received the Goat Milk Lotion in Starry Night, and the Goat Milk Soap in Cedarwood and Bonfire Beauty.   The lotion comes in an easy to use bottle instead of a jar, so it’s very sanitary- no dipping your fingers into it, and no repeated exposure to air- so the ingredients won’t degrade.  The soaps come in the cutest drawstring pouches that can be reused- love!

I can’t wait to tell you about my experience with Honey Sweetie Acres, so keep checking back!

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