Honey Sweetie Acres Foaming Herbal Hand Soap

Honey Sweetie Acres Hand Soap 1

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Good gosh golly gee whiz! I swear, the folks at Honey Sweetie Acres continue to amaze me with their innovative products. In addition to the new shampoo (read about it here), they also have a new herbal hand soap.

The Honey Sweetie Acres Foaming Herbal Hand Soap contains over 90% organic content. The formula is infused with calendula and comfrey, so it’s soothing, silky, and won’t dry out your hands (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2017). I absolutely LOVE their goat milk soap bars in the shower, but this liquid soap is perfect for at the kitchen sink.

The Liquid Hand Soap comes in Orange Spice, Lemon & Rosemary, Grapefruit & Thyme, and Minty Lavender, all of which are very tempting! I got the Orange Spice, and it reminds me of those pomanders we used to make in grade school- we’d poke whole cloves into oranges, and hang them up, and they smelled so good!

The soap is housed in an environmentally-friendly pump bottle. It’s liquid in the bottle, then when you pump it out, it becomes a foam. One squirt of foam is enough to lather without even using water, then simply rinse it off (Honey Sweetie Acres, 2017).

Honey Sweetie Acres Hand Soap 2

This hand soap showed up just in time- I’d just run out, and had been using dish soap to wash my hands at the sink…lol! This is much more kind to my skin. I wash my hands a LOT, especially while cooking. I’m paranoid about germs and cross-contamination (perhaps that’s the surgical assistant in me?), so my skin gets dried out easily. I really like that the Honey Sweetie Acres soap doesn’t leave my hands tight and dry, but they still get really clean.

If you want a “big girl” (or big boy) hand soap that doesn’t smell like everything else on the market, then you really should try the Honey Sweetie Acres herbal soap. It’s just $6.25, and it’s very concentrated, so a little pump goes a LONG way!

Check it out at honeysweetieacres.com!


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