Holy Crap! It’s a Dragon Sheet Mask!!!


Animal Dragon Mask 2

When we were shopping at Ulta in Bossier City, we ran into some sheet masks that we had never seen before.  They had dragons, koalas, pandas, even kittens.  Some just had a picture on the chin, but others were the whole animal face, like the dragon.  Of course, I HAD to get one!  Check out the video below to see my experience with the mask, then scroll down for more info.

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

I have never heard of the brand, Shining Nature Purity (SNP), but they are a Korean brand, so the mask actually seemed promising.  The serum contains 750mg of coconut water, so I couldn’t wait to get this on my face!

Animal Dragon Mask 1

The one I tried is the “Animal Dragon Soothing Mask Sheet,” which is purported to be a “Soothing mask to take care sensitive and red skin with AC-soothing energy refining skin healthy and translucent.”  Their words, not mine, but obviously this is a translation issue- so it tells me this is the real deal in regards to Korean masks!

Over all, this isn’t as great as a bio-cellulose mask, but it was still pretty awesome.  Unlike many of the lower priced sheet masks, it didn’t leave my skin sticky.  I really like this, and will definitely be getting more because, well, DRAGON! 😉

Animal Dragon Mask 3

Have you tried any interesting sheet masks?  Scroll down to comment below!