Holiday Manicure!

holiday manicure 2

We will be spending the holidays in Iowa with my family.  As I am lazy, I do not want to have to redo my nails for each get-together.  Also, I wanted to do something in honor of the holidays, but not exclusively Christmas.  While most of my family celebrates Christmas, I wanted to include my family and friends who celebrate other special days.  The more people included, the merrier!

Despite the fact that “accent” nails bug me (see post here), I DO think they can be cute.  I decided to partake in this trend, but I used my middle finger so as to “go against the grain.”  And, I added glitter to the tips of the other nails, so as not to discriminate against them…lol.

holiday manicure 3

Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace and Deborah Lippmann Glitter and Be Gay

First, I used a Deborah Lippman base coat, then I painted my nails with Urban Decay’s Mrs. Mia Wallace.  After that dried, I put a coat of Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter and Be Gay on each middle finger, and on the tips of my other fingers and thumbs.  I finished with my favorite top coat- Nails Inc. Caviar.

holiday manicure 1

The result was very fun and festive, and I got a lot of compliments!

Did you do a special manicure for the holidays?  Scroll down to comment below!