Heather’s Tips for Pregnancy Breakouts



When hormonal acne plagues your face, there is little you can do as far as medications go- no Retin-A, no birth control pills, etc.  So, taking care of your skin in the best manner possible is key.

Heather Kent is not only an esthetician, but she’s a mom, too.  So, what does a pro recommend for expecting moms with acne?

“The best way to clear it up and keep it clear is to add acidic products.  I’m all about organic when you’re pregnant because you never know what chemicals can do.  So, I would recommend mixing sugar and lemon juice to exfoliate with.  Start with once a week to build up strength.  The lemon juice will clear it up from the inside out so it won’t spread or pull extra breakouts to the surface.  Then, if they are okay, use a spot treatment like Murad or Dermalogica for teens, not the kind for adults.”  -Heather Kent

Thanks, Heather!  With pregnancy seemingly “in the air,” I know a lot of ladies who will be happy to read this!

*As always, when pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to maintain a good relationship and communication with your doctor in regards to any issues or conditions you may be facing.

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