Have a Bewitching Halloween with a Sdsaena Witch Hat

Sdsaena witch hat 5


It’s almost Halloween!!!  I dread the colder weather, but growing up, Halloween has always been my fave holiday.  There was always such excitement in the air- getting to dress up, go trick-or-treating, and stay up late (or so we thought, anyway…lol).

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As I got older, it was still fun, because going out to clubs, there were always costume contests and cool themed specialty drinks.  Witches have always been my fave thing to dress up as- spells, cauldrons, witches’ brews… all these things just seemed so fascinating.  One of the few times I didn’t dress as a witch was at my friend’s Halloween part a few years ago…lol.

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So anyway, it seems witch hats have gotten fancier and fancier over the years, which is really awesome.  The problem is that I’ve never really found any that were of decent quality- they always get torn up or the embellishments fall off, or they’re too flimsy to last even one night.

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Not having bought anything for Halloween yet this year, I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to partner with Sdsaena to show off one of their hats.  When it arrived, it was packaged securely in a box, so it didn’t get crushed in shipping.   It was kind of “rolled up” and wrapped in plastic to keep it safe.  When I opened the package and pulled it out… WOW.

Sdsaena witch hat 9

The hat was a satiny purple with a kind of a lacey black spider web overlay.  The brim and cone were pretty sturdy and thick, not at all flimsy.  The hat was embellished with a faux rhinestone band, some netting, and a spider- all very securely attached.

Sdsaena witch hat 3

I swear, with a hat like this, I’m not even worried about a fancy-schmancy dress or outfit- heck, just a plain, cheap black dress will work, all eyes will be on the hat.  Although, I do have a witch costume somewhere that’s black with purple velvet- I think I’ll try to find it and wear it with this hat.

Sdsaena witch hat 4


When Jerry got home, he took a look at the hat, and even he commented that it was more of a “real” hat than  a costume- it really is that neat!  The hat comes in three colors- orange, black, and purple like mine.   Check ‘em out at Sdsaena.com, and have a bewitching Halloween!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

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