Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hey everyone!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I know, I know, some of you loathe this day.  I get you, I know how it is.  I hate Father’s Day because my dad is gone, as is my beloved “Doc.”  I hate Mother’s Day because my mom is several states away, and I’m usually kind of singled out each Mother’s Day and feel kind of crapped on (not by Jerry’s son and fam, they’re very sweet, but they’re SO far away!).  So, being away from family, holidays really kind of suck.  It’s compounded by the fact that I don’t really feel “at home” here, and I’m not happy here.

But, anywho, I also feel like I’ve been lazy since I haven’t posted in a week.  I have to keep reminding myself that I have been active on social media, and even worked on some YouTube videos.  I just haven’t felt up to the task blog-wise because of so many health-related issues.  Toothaches and multiple dental trips (driving several hours), along with hurting my back and having to have two injections (steroid and another anti-inflammatory), barely being able to move.  So, I’ve been concentrating on doing certain exercises and recovering from my back problems.  The activity, along with the meds, have made me a lot more tired than normal, so the blog had to suffer a bit.

Not only has the blog suffered, but Jerry has, too.  I HATE taking meds, and I HATE sitting around not doing anything.  I don’t like people doing things for me, I prefer to be self-sufficient, even griping at Jerry for trying to do things for me.  When you’re tiring yourself out, and being really stubborn by not taking your meds (it’s a pride thing), it makes for a REALLY cranky Renee’.

I didn’t even realize Valentine’s was here already until we were at the store on Saturday, and Jerry asked me if I wanted some truffles for Valentine’s Day.  Huh?  Valentine’s Day…???  Oh $hit.  It was about here already.  I had completely lost track of time due to all the dental and doctor appointments, and just not feeling like myself.  Arrrgghhh… that also means we didn’t even remember to make reservations for dinner anywhere.  Double arrrghhhh….!

Jerry Me In n Out In n Out

For me, the ideal Valentine’s Day would mean spending time with Jerry and all our little sweeties.  I’m most happy when I’m with these people- I would love to go to In-n-Out, have a Valentine’s lunch with Jerry and all the boys.  Then head back to Castello di Amorosa winery in Napa Valley.  THAT would my my ideal Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately, that’s just not possible, at least not this year.

Jerry Me Castello di Amorosa 3 Jerry Me Castello di Amorosa 1

So… Jerry and I will make due with whatever we can find to do for dinner.  Hopefully it will mean something we don’t cook for ourselves…lol!  Despite being so unhappy during holidays, I’m very grateful, and love that Jerry is my Valentine.  He’s been fantastic during all these issues I’ve had- driving me to dentist appointments and to the doctor, and helping me out a lot while I’ve been in pain- which would be a difficult enough task for ANYONE.

While our Valentine’s Day won’t be “ideal,” I’m going to try to remind myself of the positives-  My back is starting to feel a bit better, refusing to take my naproxen means I can have some wine, and Skype exists so I can visit with our sweeties.  I also have Jerry, and even though he likes to steal my blanket, he’s an absolute Angel.  So, I guess I AM very lucky after all! <3

Jerry Me dinner

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?  Scroll down to comment below!