Green Winged Eye: Tips & Tricks from Jenna


The green winged eye that I rocked for St. Pat’s Day may look kind of tricky for someone who struggles with getting that wing down to begin with.  So, here is a tip: follow the natural line of the BOTTOM eyelid.  That’s right.  Don’t try to flick a wing upwards from the upper eyelid; it gets tricky doing it that way- harder to make both wings at the same angle.  Just draw it as if an imaginary line didn’t end at the outward corner of your eye.  May take a few attempts.

Oh, and the best products ever to do this easy peezy wing with:  Make Up For Ever creme liner, in the little pot.  I use Aqua Black with a stiff angled brush.  Once the wing is drawn, line eye as normal and connect your new lined eye to the wing.

A tip for rocking a wild color, is you need to blend more than one.  A green eye can’t be just green, you come off looking cartoon-y.  It needs to look dimensional,  like a fade from something neutral, I really dig GOLD for everything neutral, faded into a vibrant green, into a smoky black.  So try color-blocking the 3 colors in order on the eyelid, it will look crazy, and don’t go past your wing.  Then carefully blend the lines where the colors meet, so that there is no real distinction from where the gold meets green, and the green meets black.  Now add more green to the center in order to really make it distinct.  You may need to line your eye again, depending on the intensity you are going for.  Now finish off with your favorite mascara.  How does it look?  Would love to see!

AND here are a few tidbits:

Be careful with lower liner.  It tends to make one look older.  Great for 15 year olds…that is NOT a suggestion by the way, not so good for fine ladies in our 30’s 🙂

The biggest waste of money I ever bought was a Push Up liner from They’re Real.  Seriously, looks SO COOL…doesn’t work.  Not even a little.

Make Up For Ever Primer is great.  If you need a reason to use primer, contact me, because it took me a while to get on the primer bandwagon.

Favorite mascara:  Buxom, by Bare Escentuals.  5 years strong now.


Thanks, Jenna, for the awesome tips- I expect we’ll all be rockin’ some fab wings now!