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Update: The BodyHonee site has undergone some changes- it’s now known as VidaSleek.  Same high quality, but updated, and the site and products look fab!  So, if you click the links in the post, you’ll automatically be taken to the new site.  🙂

Those closest to me know I hate body hair.  I mean, I loathe body hair.  I’ve tried every method of hair removal under the sun- shaving, threading, sanding, waxing, plucking, creams, you name it, I’ve tried it.  I even bought an electrolysis kit because I hate hair that much.

Sadly, although that electrolysis kit seemed promising, it just ended the same way as the many times I tried waxing- I inevitably ended up staying awake all night with a pair of tweezers, plucking out all the missed hairs.  Plus, cleaning up all the wax residue was a b!&@h!

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Having been into bodybuilding (natural, no drugs), I’d heard of a company called BodyHonee, and competitive bodybuilders often use their wax products.  Hmmm… knowing how stringent the standards are for bodybuilders, and how picky the judges are, obviously this was some good stuff!  So, I decided to take the plunge and try waxing again.

The cool thing about BodyHonee is they make a variety of waxes, since not all of them work for the same types of hair or area.  Their website is very user-friendly, so it’s easy to find exactly what will work best for the area you want to rid of hair.

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I received the Spa Wax and Hard Wax kits.  The Spa Wax is an extra strength hair remover for thick, coarse hair; and the Hard Wax is for short, coarse hair on the face, underarms, and bikini area.  The neat thing about these kits is that they’re all-inclusive.  Each box contains everything you need, except the microwave!

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I first tried the Hard Wax Kit, which I used on my face and part of my arms.  In the interest of full disclosure, I use tretinoin (Retin-A), and you’re not supposed to wax when you use this stuff- it even says so in the instructions.  However, I’ve gotten waxed before with even stronger formulas and had no problems.  (This doesn’t mean YOU should do this, ask your doctor first!)  I did, however, avoid my eye area due to the skin being so delicate.

The nifty thing about hard wax is that you do NOT need to use strips!  I heated the jar in the microwave for the recommended three minutes, then let it set for a bit until it was still hot, but not steaming.

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Accidentally got some of my regular hair… oops!

Prior to applying the wax, I made sure my face was clean and free of oil, then applied some Laura Mercier Oil-Free Loose Setting Powder.  This helped protect my hypersensitive skin, as well as allowed the wax to work better.

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I even tried carelessly globbing it on, and it still worked!


I applied the wax in the direction of hair growth, then waited a few seconds, then “ripped” it off in the opposite direction, while holding my skin taut.  I used this wax on the sides of my face, chin, upper lip, and between my eyebrows just above my nose.  I also used the hard wax on my right arm.  The results were fantastic!  I had very few hairs left, so this made me happy.

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After having such fantastic results with the BodyHonee Hard Wax Kit, I was excited to try the Spa Wax Kit, so I dug into that box before the hard wax even had a chance to solidify…lol!

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The BodyHonee Spa Wax is a soft wax, and it does require cloth strips for removal.  As mentioned before, I’m very impressed that they actually include strips with the kit!  (If you need more, you can also order extra strips separately.)  The BodyHonee wax strips are NOT muslin, they are a non-woven, thicker type of material, so no more wax seeping through and sticking to your fingers.

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I heated the wax for about a minute and thirty seconds, then let it set for about two minutes.  I used the Spa Wax on my arms, and again, applied in the direction of hair growth.  After applying the wax, I pressed on the strips, which I cut to size depending on area.  After massaging the strip to really get it pressed into the wax, I “ripped” off quickly, in the opposite direction.  Success!

Tip:  Since I was waxing my arm, and didn’t have a third arm to hold the skin taut, and didn’t want to wake Jerry from his evening nap, I held the waxed arm against my knee (which was propped up on a chair), then pulled.  Worked like a charm!

Did the wax make a mess?  Yep, it sure did, as always.  Then again, I’m a VERY messy person…lol!  But, since they included towelettes to remove the residue, it wasn’t a big deal.  Plus, these towelettes actually worked.  They worked even better than the stuff my salon uses.  So, no excess wax residue on my skin, or on the counter, because they worked for both!

Did it hurt?  I’m used to getting waxed, so it wasn’t bad at all.  Plus, there are soothing ingredients, such as chlorophyll, in the formulas.  If you’re new to waxing, make sure to visit the BodyHonee website because they have some great tips to make your experience more comfortable.

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Redness and wax residue immediately after pulling the hard wax off of my chin and upper lip

I did get red in the areas I waxed, but that’s common.  I have hypersensitive skin, along with urticaria, so this was expected.  Believe me, it looks worse than it felt!  But, most of the redness was gone within hours, and it was completely gone by the next morning.  Strangely enough, out of all the waxes I’ve tried, including professional salon treatments, BodyHonee is the ONLY wax that did not cause me to break out.

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Redness on the side of my face right after pulling the hard wax off

Overall, I’m VERY pleased with BodyHonee Wax Kits.  The process has never been so easy, and I got better results than with any other brand.  To top it all off, the kits are a great value.  The Spa Wax Kit retails for $19.99, and the Hard Wax Kit is $13.99, and EVERYTHING is included!  Plus, you get free shipping on orders of $20 or more, so you can’t go wrong- check them out at!

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