Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally with Furlesse!

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Years ago, before Botox and fillers, stars of old Hollywood used tape to eliminate wrinkles. Yes, tape! Tape could be used under wigs to pull the skin tighter, as well as directly on the wrinkled areas to help prevent movement. Wearing tape at night, or even for a few hours prior to an event, would help “train” facial muscles not to make wrinkling movements.

Fast forward to modern times, and meet Furlesse! After being inspired by the tape tricks, Cathy Tousley created a more streamlined solution, and founded Furlesse (Furlesse, 2016). I first heard of the company when I was the Bossier City Sephora Inside JCPenney, and Brendan gave me some samples to try. The sticky patches actually worked, so I was super excited when Furlesse offered to send me some to try out!

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There are four varieties available, each to deal with a different problem. Rows help with the horizontal forehead wrinkles, Elevens are for the vertical lines between the eyebrows, Crows for crows feet, and Lip-Sticks for the lines in the lip area. My biggest issues are the beginnings of elevens, and I have a smile line on one side of my mouth. I’m starting to get fine lines in my eye area, too.

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Unlike traditional tape, Furlesse products are latex-free and hypoallergenic (Furlesse, 2016). So, unless you are extremely sensitive to the adhesive itself, you should experience no nasty side effects. The patches are clear, so they aren’t as noticeable as the surgical tape traditionally used. I’ve even heard of people wearing them out in public without getting any strange looks!

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Furlesse patches can be worn over bare skin, or over your skin care products- just make sure you wait a bit to let your products sink in first. I will admit, I was a bit worried about irritation after Retin-A having made my skin more sensitive from being hyperexfoliated. Turns out, my fears were unfounded, as I had no irritation at all. I decided to try them all out at once and wore them overnight. I thought it would be annoying having stickers all over my face, but after a few minutes, I didn’t even notice them. When I woke up, they were super easy to pull off, and left no sticky residue.

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Ready for bed, wearing Furlesse Rows, Elevens, Crows, and Lip-Sticks!

The results? Furlesse patches are a win! My skin was definitely smoother, and my lines didn’t start to return until later in the day. I’m going to keep wearing them, because I’ve heard the results are cumulative and last longer and longer- so maybe I can put off Botox longer and longer! 😉

Furlesse patches retail for $19.99 per pack, and are available at and Amazon.


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