Get a Clear Head with Honey Sweetie Acres Shower Steamers!


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Happy Friday everyone, hope you’re feeling as fabulous as I am!

Why am I in such a great mood? My sinuses are so happy!

When Regina from Honey Sweetie Acres asked if there was anything I wanted to try since they redid their website, I told her either the Basil, Sage & Mint Goat Milk Soap (see this post), or a Shower Steamer. She was incredibly generous, and sent BOTH!

Honey Sweetie Acres Shower Steamers look like bath fizzies, but they deliver strong vapors to help open your sinuses and relieve congestion. A combination of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, along with menthol and camphor, help you breathe better naturally.

Ingredients include baking soda, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, essential oils, and menthol crystals, so there are no harmful chemicals or toxins to breathe. The Shower Steams are incredibly easy to use- just place the steamer in your shower, where hot water will strike, and breathe deeply while you get clean.


I’ve been testing this wonderful thing out over the past week.   I wanted to see how many uses I could get out of it, and wanted to get Jerry’s opinion, too. Reason being, he’s VERY sensitive to scents (except food…lol), so much so that he wears cologne maybe once a month, and only one little squirt.

We got almost four showers out the Shower Steamer, so they’re very generously sized. Keep in mind, if you take a really long shower, you may only get one use. Alternatively, if you’re quick, you may get more uses than we did.

I love steaming hot showers, and I remain constantly stuffed up due to my horrific sinuses. The ingredients, combined with the steam from the shower, did absolute WONDERS for me- my head was SO clear! No need for a Neti pot, or squirting anything up my nose- I could BREATHE!

Jerry also found sinus relief with the Shower Steamer. He found the scent to be a bit strong, but as I mentioned previously, he’s VERY sensitive. However, he didn’t have any adverse reactions and the strength didn’t bother him. When he came back into the living room, he took a deep breath, and I could tell how much better he felt!

Jerry used the Shower Steamer once, I used it twice. When I went to take another shower, it lasted halfway through. Even with lasting halfway, it still did a great job of helping me breathe. Overall, we both had fantastic results, were able to breathe better without drugs or chemicals, and the peppermint essential oil was pretty energizing. Absolutely a winning product!

I would recommend that anyone with sinus or allergy problems have a few of these stashed somewhere. Even if you don’t have horrific sinuses, this is still a great product to have handy during flu season. At just $3.50 each, the Honey Sweetie Acres Shower Steamers are not only very reasonably priced, but are a must-have!  Check them out at!