Freshen Up Your Hair Color for Fall with Madison Reed!

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Went to visit this sweet boy in Cali!

Went to visit this sweet boy in Cali!

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I’m SO sad that summer is over!   Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, but I always still wanted it to go back to summer right after Halloween…lol.

The only thing I don’t like about summer is that it wreaks havoc on my hair.  I love the sun and the beach, and the pool of course, and all these things are terrible on my hair and hair color.  Arrrggghhhh…!!!  I love the way permanent hair color makes my hair so shiny, but environmental conditions keep it from lasting.  Sad, right?

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Well, a while back, I discovered the wonders that Madison Reed can do for my hair.  Not only do they have permanent hair color that’s super gentle, but they have the fab Color Reviving Gloss that I absolutely adore using in between my permanent color sessions.  If you want more info, you can click here to read our more detailed review.

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I run every day, so the sun tends to fade my hair.  We also took a trip to California, and not only was my hair subjected to the sun every day, but the wind in San Francisco and the salt and chlorine from swimming really did a number on it.  So, my favorite season left my hair dull and boring.

Thankfully, Madison Reed exists!  A quick, easy application of Color Reviving Gloss in Espresso made my hair fab again!  Not only was color fresher, but my hair was shinier and silkier.  Plus, since it fades gradually, I’ll end up with several gorgeous looks over the next month or so.

Hair color back to fab!

Hair color back to fab!

The website is awesome- they take you through all the steps to find the perfect color that will work for your hair type and natural color.  They’ve also got hair stylists available if you need any further assistance, and everything you need is included with your color.

So, whether you want a permanent color, or just to revive your color temporarily, head over to Madison Reed and check ’em out- just click here or on a link below, or one of the banners!

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