Fresh Spring Goodies!

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Happy Spring!  I’m so glad winter is over- I can tolerate the cold, but I really don’t like it!

I got a box in the mail with some of Fresh’s amazing classic products- and it’s no wonder these things are so popular.  Inside the box was the brand’s cult-fave Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Orchidicon, a Sake candle, and the Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum.  I was a bit skeptical of the lip treatment and fragrance- keep reading to find out why!

First off, I’ve never had a candle from Fresh; and geesh, I was missing out!  The Sake candle has “an intoxicating” scent, a blend of peach nectar, mandarin, and Chinese osmanthus.  It smells SO good, light and fruity, and very uplifting.  I automatically think of summer time, my fave season, whenever I burn this candle- bring me my flip-flops!

I’m very careful about candles, as we have three parrots.  I can’t burn candles in the same room as the parrots; and due to my severe allergies, the ones with chemicals and artificial stuff are irritating and cause respiratory issues for me.  The Fresh Sake candle is made with natural oils and waxes, and a lead-free wick for a clean burn.  I didn’t try this out in the room with parrots, but I personally had no adverse effects in another room- just a happy mood from the lux scent!

I’ve always LOVED the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment balms, they come in SO handy, and I always have to have a lip balm stashed in each room, in my handbag, and in each car.  I cannot be without it! The best thing about Fresh is that they don’t seem to have the “rebound” effect of so many others- where your lips get get worse.  I’m outside a lot, so I need the SPF, and since I try a lot of lipsticks, these really help with the “recovery” from all the matte formulas that are so drying.

As is it’s namesake, the balm contains sugar, which is a natural humectant; meadowfoam and black currant seed oils for moisture; and grapeseed oil to help soften and soothe.  So, why was I skeptical?  The color.  I don’t usually “do” pinks and berries, they’re just not my “thing.”  But of course, I’m always game for trying out beauty products I’ve never used before!

You’ll have to excuse the photo- I was on my way outside to do yard work, so wasn’t going to do makeup for that…lol.  But, as I ALWAYS use sun protection and lip balm, I figured why not try out the Fresh Sugar Orchid Lip Treatment?  I really wasn’t disappointed, not even with the color.  A light bulb was out when I took the pic, but the color looks slightly more red in the sun outside, or so the hubby told me…lol.  The balm performed just like the original, and has the light fresh scent.  The color was buildable, so I could use one swipe for just a slight tint.  This was a fuschia I could actually deal with, and it’s a fun shade for the new season!

Now for the other product I was apprehensive about- the Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum.  No judgment here, but I’m not going to lie- I HATE the smell of anything marijuana-related.  I know many people have benefited from it, but anything having to do with marijuana or cannabis, I run far, far away from.  Yuck.  But, I’ve heard about this stuff for a long time, so there has to be a reason it’s so popular, right?  I mean, if it really smelled like pot, people would get searched all the time on random traffic stops, wouldn’t they?

Omg.  I’m SO glad I tried this stuff.  Apparently, this is actually supposed to be a men’s fragrance, according to what I read on Sephora’s website.  But, this fragrance is right up my alley- I love this stuff.  And it does NOT smell like cannabis or anything illegal…lol.  It has notes of strawberry, kumquat, dark plum, patchouli, magnolia, rose, chocolate, vetiver, and vanilla musk.  It’s delectable and delightful- and I couldn’t stop trying to smell myself!

I feel so pampered with these classic faves from Fresh, and I know you will, too!  You can get them at Sephora, or Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns , all the time, no minimum!  You’re welcome!

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