Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner and Face Cream

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Hey everyone, hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend and a great beginning of the week!  As usual, it was a working weekend for me (good thing I love my job, so it doesn’t really feel like work…lol), but we did get a chance to have lunch at La Madeleine for Jerry’s birthday.  How exciting- and yummy!

Even more exciting though- the surprise I got in the mail from Fresh!  I’ve been quite pleased with the products I’ve tried from the brand, so I was happy to have the opportunity to try their Rose Deep Hydration Facial Tonericon and Rose Deep Hydration Face Creamicon.

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The Rose Deep Hydration Facial Tonericon, an Allure Best of Beauty winner, is a sight to behold- it’s so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to open it… almost.  It’s in a vintage-inspired bottle that looks sophisticated, but is made from plastic so I can travel with it, and my clumsy self won’t break it…lol!  The neat thing is that it has real rose petals, so the toner looks so beautiful, especially in this bottle.

The alcohol-free cleansing formula is infused with real rose petals and helps to remove residual impurities.  It also helps refine the appearance of pores, and softens skin.  I have oily/combo skin, so one of the issues I have with some toners is that they’re overly drying, which causes my skin to overproduce oil.  This Fresh toner actually provides hydration, so it doesn’t strip my skin and cause a rebound effect.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner 1

To use, I shake the bottle gently, then let it set for a few seconds so the rose petals sink down a bit- this keeps the petals from blocking the opening.  Since it’s such a natural formula, I simply dispense a bit onto my fingertips, then apply to my face.

I absolutely love the scent- it reminds me of the night cream one of my grandmas used to use.  If you’re sensitive to fragrance, it may be a bit too much for you, but it does dissipate quickly, and it’s not a fake scent.  This is one of the products that I may end up stashing in the fridge, and using it throughout the day during the hot Louisiana summer.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream 1

The Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream has “time-release hydropatches” and is infused with rosewater and rose flower oil to deliver intense 24-hour moisture.  It also contains Vitamin E for added moisture and antioxidant protection.

I will admit, as I mentioned previously, my skin is oily/combo, so I was a bit worried this would be too heavy for me.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at the texture- it’s a gel-cream, so it didn’t make my skin feel “suffocated.”  It has a very nice texture and is very easy to smooth on.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream 2

The formula contains hyaluronic acid, which is a fantastic hydrator.  However, it’s also a humectant, which means it draws water to itself.  If you’re in a dry environment, this can lead to moisture being pulled away from your skin, rather than from the environment and into your skin.  So, I really like that Fresh includes other moisturizers, such as water, rose water, and glycerin, to interact with the hyaluronic acid.  They also include angelica leaf extract to aid the skin in retaining moisture.

I haven’t had any problems with the cream, thus far, with my oily skin.  During the warmer months, I’ll probably just use it at night, but it will come in handy for daytime use when I have tretinoin flakes, which I still get every now and then.

One of the things I think about when testing skincare products is whether or not I feel pampered when using them.  If our skincare routines are more of a spa experience than a utilitarian experience, we’re more likely to keep up with self-care, rather than neglecting our skin.  Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner and Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream easily fit the bill.

Overall, the Fresh Rose Toner and Rose Face Creamicon beautiful products, both in formulation and the lux feeling of using them.  My skin feels soft and hydrated, the rose scent evokes happy memories, and skincare becomes an enjoyable ritual.  They’re also very reasonably priced for what you get- so head over to Sephora or  They’re also available at, with FREE shipping and FREE returns– NO minimum!

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