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Have I mentioned yet how glad I am that summer is here? I love the beach, warm weather, going barefoot, and having fun in the sun! The worst part about summer is my oily skin gets oilier, and I have to take extra good care of it.

Needless to say, when I got the opportunity to review the new Save the Sea Special Edition Luna Mini 2 from FOREO, I was absolutely ecstatic!!! I did a happy dance for several reasons: I have the Luna Mini and love it, I’m a huge fan of the ocean and its creatures, and I have a huge “thing” for corporate social responsibility. The Save the Sea products from FOREO encompass all of these aspects.


Save the Sea

When I was in business school, corporate social responsibility was one of my favorite topics. Often, corporations will donate a portion of the profits of a particular product or line to give back to society. Benefits are three-fold and all work in tandem: the customer gets a great product or service with a “feel good factor” of money being well-spent, the social cause or charity receives the benefit of money and/or publicity, and the corporation not only can get benefits such as tax deductions, but also gains public trust, which can lead to customer retention and possibly increased sales. This is a winning situation for all involved.

FOREO’s commitment to “save the sea” involves a collaboration with GreenWave and The Sea Life Trust to protect marine wildlife, restore ocean habitats, and support conservation research.

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As a child, I regularly went fishing with my dad and his cousin, and they taught me about sustainability, and explained the importance of limits and conservation. As an adult, these values are still with me, and my love for the water and environment continues. So, it’s truly an honor to use this product and write this post.

GreenWave helps create sustainable and restorative 3D ocean farms- vertical underwater gardens where seaweed and mussels grow on floating ropes, stacked above oyster and clam cages below. These 3D farms help restore, rather than deplete, our oceans. In 2015, FOREO established five of these farms in southern New England coastal communities, and is looking to establish even more (FOREO, 2016).

The Sea Life Trust is a charity dedicated to conserving ocean animals and the environment on a global scale. In 2015, FOREO sponsored the rehabilitation and GPS tagging of an endangered sea turtle, with continued monitoring by the Sea Life Trust (FOREO, 2016).

To top it all off, can you imagine how impressed I was when I found that not just a portion, but 100% of the net proceeds of the Save the Sea Special Edition Luna Mini 2 and Luna Play will be going to these causes…?!?!?! This is truly amazing, and it makes me feel very special to have the privilege of sharing this product with you!

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FOREO Luna Mini 2

If you read my review of the FOREO Luna Mini, you already know how awesome this company’s products are. (More information here, here, and here.) The FOREO Luna Mini 2 Save the Sea Special Edition comes in a beautiful shade of blue, with a cute sea turtle graphic.

While at the first glance the Luna Mini 2 looks similar in shape and size to the Luna Mini, but it contains several significant enhancements in addition to the benefits of the already superb previous version.

The brush surface area on the Luna Mini 2 is larger, allowing for more coverage of skin surface area, in turn enabling quicker, more efficient cleansing.

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The touch points of the Luna Mini 2 are 26% longer, making them more flexible for a softer feeling when making contact with the skin. This also helps prevent stretching or pulling, resulting in preservation of the skin’s elasticity.

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The Luna Mini 2 has eight speed settings instead of one, allowing complete customization of your cleansing routine based on your own comfort preferences. A slower speed will allow for a more gentle and relaxing experience, or a higher speed for a more powerful deep cleansing.

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Furthermore, the Luna Mini 2 contains a new motor that is twice as powerful. The T-Sonic pulsations dislodge more impurities from the pores, providing a deeper, yet gentle cleansing.

My Experience

I’m in love all over again. I love the FOREO Luna Mini, but I love LOVE the Luna Mini 2! With the Luna Mini, I did every once in a while have to pull out my traditional sonic cleansing brush if I needed a deep clean. With the Luna Mini 2, the “bristles” or “fingers” are longer, there are eight settings, and it’s more powerful, so no need to get out another tool.

Furthermore, if you use a brush, you’ll know that there are times it just moves the dirt around. Think of it like you’re washing your car (by hand, not at a drive-through car wash)- If you use a scrub brush on your windshield, sure, it loosens up the dirt and crud, but it just moves it around. Then you get a rubber squeegee, and it actually REMOVES it, leaving a sparkling clean surface free from residue.

With the FOREO Luna Mini 2, my pores are cleansed gently but deeply, and afterward, my skin is SO smooth. Strangely enough, after just a week, my pores are much less visible. Even Jerry has noticed a difference in the feel and appearance of my skin.

With the Luna Mini 2 having the same size and basic design of the Luna Mini, it’s still very portable, easy to travel with, and doesn’t take up much room on my counter. Also, like the Luna Mini, it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. A single one-hour charging will last for months, and it doesn’t require replacing any parts or brush heads.

Overall, the FOREO Luna Mini 2 Save the Sea Special Edition is a phenomenal product. I have sensitive skin, and this has been an integral part of my skincare routine, with no irritation. The only negative? The Save the Sea edition is available for a limited time only, so be sure to order ASAP! The Save the Sea Luna Mini 2 retails for $139 and is available from FOREO (Luna Play is $39), shipping is free.

If you miss out, no worries, you can still get your hands on a Luna Mini 2, Luna Mini, Luna, Luna Go, or Luna Play! You can purchase from FOREO, Nordstrom , and SpaceNK.
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FOREO (2016). Luna Mini 2 Save the Sea Special Edition. FOREO.

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