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OMG, OMG, OMG!!  FOREO has boldly gone where no toothbrush has gone before…

The FOREO Issaicon toothbrush was featured on episode five of the new Star Trek Discovery series!!!  As a blogger and lover of my FOREO Luna Mini and Luna Mini 2icon (see my review here), this is even more exciting to me as a Trekkie.  I’ve been a Star Trek fan since childhood, so imagine my amazement at this “discovery!”

FOREO Star Trek 2

I’ve been eyeing the Issa toothbrushes, and I already know I love my Lunas, so now I’m being swayed even more and more.  If the Issa is awesome enough for Lt. Stamets and Dr. Colber, it’s awesome enough for me!  Perhaps a holiday gift to myself…?!?!

FOREO Star Trek 4a

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The awesome thing is that like the cleansing devices, the Issa also uses sonic pulsations to get your teeth cleaner than ever before.  Don’t need a toothbrush?  Check out their sonic cleansing devices and skincare products- they make great gifts to give to someone else, or to yourself…lol!

Want a bright smile or glowing skin?  Then set phasers to stunning and head over to!!  LLAP

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