Fiona Stiles Color Impact Matte Lip Crayon

Fiona Stiles Heliotrope 1

So, our friend Deejay mentioned on social media a few weeks ago that he was really excited about the Fiona Stiles line they got in at Ulta.  We checked out the products last Saturday, and were very impressed.  To start with, I LOVE the packaging- it’s shiny and purple!  Yes, I’m a sucker for great packaging…sorry, not sorry.  (P.S. Many thanks to Caitlyn and Taylor at Ulta in Bossier City for being so awesome!)

Fiona Stiles Heliotrope 4

There were several things I was really interested in, but I had already blown my budget for the day, so I narrowed it down to just one lip crayon 🙁 .  I thought I was getting a mauvy-rosey color, but the box I grabbed must have been out of place.  When I went to put it on at home, I got a surprise- it was not the color I wanted. There were a few customers looking at these before us, so I’m guessing they put the stuff back in the wrong place…lol!

Fiona Stiles Heliotrope 3

Thankfully, Ulta has a fantastic return policy, so I may swap this out for the one I wanted.  But, since I had already started applying it, I went ahead and finished my lips.  I ended up with Heliotrope, and even though it wasn’t the color I wanted, it was still a gorgeous shade.

I’m SO tired of the super-matte formulas that are really drying, so these velvet matte crayons were a nice change.  This one didn’t wear as long as super-matte formulas, but it did last longer than most cream lipsticks.  As it wore off, it stayed pretty even and wasn’t splotchy, so I was left with a stained effect that actually look pretty good.

Fiona Stiles Heliotrope 5

The only negative was that I wish the tip had a point or an edge, which would make application easier along the lip line, but this isn’t a deal breaker.  Also, there are only six shades available, but I’ll give them a pass since it’s such a new line.  Hopefully there will be more to come!

Fiona Stiles Heliotrope 2

Overall, the Fiona Stiles Color Impact Matte Lip Crayon is a great product, especially for the reasonable price of $16.00.  It’s available at Ulta and

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