Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife

Fenty Trophy Wife 2

Hey, hey, hey, hey!  It’s a bright shiny new day!!!  Well, it’s night time, but it sure as hell seems like a bright shiny new day with this new highlighter I got…lol!  I got it over a week ago, but forgot I had it- shame on me!!

At first, I wasn’t really interested in the collection, as I usually don’t go for celebrity branded products-not always, but all too often they’re more about the name than the formulas.  However, I looked into Fenty simply because Rihanna is absolutely gorgeous, and quite talented.

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What I found is that it’s a Kendo brand- which I would have previously eschewed.  Kendo was owned by Sephora, and they manufactured the Sephora-branded products.  While many of the products are great, some were embarrassingly gimmicky, and they kept discontinuing products I really liked.  It’s always been kind of a seemingly chaotic, haphazard brand.

Kendo became so successful, though, that they were divested and became their own company under the LVMH umbrella.  With the success of the Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs brands, I didn’t have nearly the fear that I did before.  All brands have limited edition and seasonal products, but it really does seem that the KVD and MJ brands are more stable than the Sephora brand with the permanent collections.

With that being said, we headed over to SiJCP in Bossier City on the weekend the Fenty line was released (we missed seeing Missy and Cassie, though 🙁 ).  Two newer (to us) Beauty Advisors were working, and greeted us with a smile, and asked if we’d heard about the new Fenty line.  Even though we hadn’t been there in a couple months (!!!!!!), one of them recognized us- so nice to feel the love!

I mentioned my concerns, and they did a good job of alleviating my fears.  Plus, there’s always a great return policy of the products suck.  I decided to bite the bullet and get a highlighter, even though I don’t really need yet another highlighter…lol.  But, that bright gold shimmery one was just beckoning me- it was a temptation I couldn’t resist.

Fenty Trophy Wife 1

I swatched the Killawatt Freetyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife, and be still my beating heart!  This was unlike any other highlighter I have– and believe me, I have a LOT!  A subtle highlighter this is NOT- it’s metallic, it’s sparkly, it’s everything!

I found that I get a great highlight with very little product- I just barely touch a fan brush to the highlighter, and swipe it on for a fabulous effect.  For a super dramatic look, apply a “normal” amount, and I swear, space aliens from Mars will be able to see your glittery glow!

Fenty Trophy Wife 4

The packaging is also high quality, and doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap.  Everything is based on a hexagon, and at first appears to be an off-white, but in certain light, it’s got a shimmer.  The highlighter compact was kind of difficult to open at first, but once I got the hang of it, no issues.

Fenty Trophy Wife 3

Since we missed out on the store in Shreveport, we’ll probably head back there soon and explore more the Fenty collection.  The collection is somewhat limited right now, as they started with products for face- for example, there’s only one lip product in a single shade, and no eye products.  I’ve heard there is more to come, so it will give us a great excuse to pay another visit to Sephora…lol!

There are other shades of the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter available, including some duos, so if Trophy Wife isn’t your thing, Rihanna’s got you covered.  But, if you want something dramatically different, then go to Sephora or Sephora.com and get this stuff NOW!

Fenty Trophy Wife 5