Feel Spoiled with Tatcha!!!

Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit

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I recently received my umpteenth Tatcha order, and really wanted to brag on this company to everyone.  They really go out of their way to make you feel spoiled!

Ever since the brand launched, Tatcha has been one of my favorites.  The company’s founder, Victoria Tsai, created the skincare line after suffering from acute dermatitis.  As she was pregnant at the time, she wanted to ensure the products would not only be effective, but gentle.

Tatcha products are based off of traditional ingredients used by geisha, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single product I have tried.  As a matter of fact, when I first discovered the brand, I ordered a kit for about everyone I knew!

One of the things that REALLY impresses me is how Tatcha makes everyone feel so special.  On their Facebook page, for example, they are very responsive, and very positive to everyone.  When you place an order, even if it’s just for a single, travel-sized item, they treat you like royalty!  This isn’t just because I write about beauty- they did this long before this blog was even thought about.

Before I tell you about my most recent order- a little background info:  Since I started blogging, I get a lot of gratis product.  As such, if I make a purchase, it’s because I really love the product.  Also, I now limit my purchases, and give myself a strict budget.   But, since Tatcha was very generous, yet again, and offered their Aburatorigami blotting papers free with any purchase for their birthday (yes, WE got gifts for THEIR birthday!), I figured that even though I was over budget for the month, I would place a tiny order just to show you all how awesome they are!

Tatcha Camellia Oil order 1 Tatcha Camellia Oil Order 2

Using my personal Hotmail address so they wouldn’t know I’m a blogger, I ordered a $12 bottle of Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, and the free blotting papers.  Shipping is always free, and you get to pick three free samples.  Since I don’t live in California, there was no sales tax.  My order was just $12, that’s it.

Tatcha Camellia Oil Order 3

Despite only spending $12, they still packaged and shipped my order like I had spent a fortune.  As always, they included a letter on silky paper with a handwritten message, and plenty of indigo tissue to ensure the safe arrival of my order.  All for just $12.

Tatcha Camellia Oil Order 4

All this for just $12, with FREE shipping!

Just FYI, the $12 travel size cleansing oil I ordered lasts me over a month.  If you’ve been wanting to try one, this is the one to get!!  So, what are you waiting for?  Click the banner above or below and check out all the treasures Tatcha has to offer!