Fabulous Lashes from Dior MUA Troycie



Several people have asked about mascara, and do they really need to go to the spa to get eyelash extensions? While that may be convenient, it is also expensive and you have to really watch what you put on them and how you cleanse. That being said, Troycie has a few tricks up her sleeve for you!

“You don’t always have to run to false lashes or mascaras with fibers. It’s all in how you apply and which products you use. I don’t have a favorite because they all have different appeals. My Dior Maximizer primer contains soy, which adds length to my lashes. And my Benefit products give that sassy, bold, eye-catching pop.” -Troycie

For a classic Dior lash, she uses Dior Maximizer primer first, and while it’s still wet, she applies her choice of mascara, which in this case is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl.

diorbefore diormaximizer diorafter

Another trick is to layer your mascaras for a bold look. For this look, Troycie first used Benefit’s Roller Lash, then layered Benefit’s They’re Real! over it. A good tip is to use the end of the wand to separate stubborn lashes.

benefit1 benefit2

benefit3 benefit4

For her right lash, Troycie used the Benefit mascaras, for her left lash, she used the Dior primer and mascara.


benefitproducts diorproducts

Thanks for the tips, Troycie, I think I’m going to go play now!  🙂

If you are in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, stop by and see Troycie for your Dior products.  If you’re not in the area, you can order Benefit and Dior products from Nordstrom.  Get free shipping and free returns, just click the banner below!

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